Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition for Free Download

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Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition just came out guys and people are going crazy behind it. The best fighting series on mobile has returned and become even more SPECIAL – Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition!!

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition APK Download   

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Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Features

  • No Ads!
  • No energy restoring. Jump into the fray anytime and anywhere you want!
  • Unveil a truth behind Sensei’s past in a whole new story chapter!
  • Complete the story mode without grinding!
  • Equip yourself with a huge amount of weapons and armor. Get a lot of gems through battles and make your arsenal even more larger!
  • Travel across 7 distinct provinces and force to terrify Titan himself!
  • Simple controls is designed for touch screen usage. Shadow Fight 2 is easy to play but hard to master!
  • Astonishing animations and unique design!
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Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Review

Shadow Fight 2 – the continuation of one of the most popular mobile fighting games, the sequel has received not only a new storyline, new gaming opportunities and a lot of completely new content, but also updated graphics by Nekki.

Initially, the project was released in the Play Market as a free application, which of course imposed its own characteristics.

But the developers have pleased us with a premium version of the game called Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition which unlike the free version is made with a complete lack of advertising, energy, has even more extensive gaming capabilities, new types of weapons, an additional storyline and much more.

The game also has a Shadow Fight 2 Mod version with Unlimited Money etc you can here learn more about Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK. You

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition has been given top ratings by many sites and so is from our side we tested this game for over 100 hours or so (thanks to my little cousin :p ) but he totally loved the game and most important thing is that no more annoying ads and smooth gameplay! Go ahead and download this amazing special edition game from the link given below.


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Make sure you have the latest version of Google Play Services Framework to be able to run the game properly. Else Shadow Fight Special Editon will not function or run in your mobile phone.

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In this post we saw the complete review of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edtion APK and also we provided the download link to the APK for free which is paid on the google play store. Hope this post works and helps you guys download the Shadow Fight 2 Special Edtion APK. The Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod APK is as well included in the download link. Let us know if you liked the post and the download link worked for you by leaving a comment down below! also check out SEO expert from India

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