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Play store download: – Google Play Store app is the gateway to all of the android apps. It not only offers apps for downloading but also offers other multimedia like movies, games, music, and books. It lets you download and install all of the Android apps and multi media officially and in a secure way.

Google Play Store app is an official store of Google for all the Android devices which just like apple store is for Apple. It is a huge market and an Android portal that allows users to download, install and update various digital media like music players, file managers, games, books and also messaging apps etc., along with all the latest apps like BitTorrent etc.

In an Android device, Google Play Store plays a very important role. It is the access point of all the apps that will change the capabilities of your Android device. But Google Play Store is not available at the Google Play Store as an app to download. So if you want to download it on your Android device or update its latest version, you can install the Google Play Store APK file from the link provided below for all your Android devices.


Here in this article, we will give you an overview of the downloading and updating process of Google Play Store APK on your android device.

Google Play Store Download Free

Usually, Google Play Store Download is always pre-installed on all android devices. But if it is not available or it has been uninstalled or taken off the device, you can always download and install it back using an APK for the app.

Here’s how you can download the latest version of Google Play Store APK on your Android phone device:

  1. First of all allow your device to install packages from unknown locations by enabling the “Unknown sources” under ‘Security’ in the ‘Settings’ menu.
  2. Now, get the latest version of Google Play Store by clicking on the download link provided below. You may have to skip past a warning about installation by tapping ‘Continue’.

    play store download

    play store download

  3. Once the APK file is downloaded, extract the contents of the file which are in a zip file format and you will find the latest APK.
  4. Now tap on the latest Google Play Store APK file to start the Installation. You may have to grant a few permissions before proceeding to the installation process.
  5. Tap on “Install” and wait for the installation to be completed.

The download process of the Google Play Store Download is complete. Now you have a ready to use Google Play Store app installed on your device. It is a very simple and easy process to get the Google Play Store App downloaded on your android device using an APK.

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How to Update Google Play Store APK

If there is the latest version of Google Play Store app in the market, which has not been rolled out for your device yet and you want to update it ASAP. Or if you have accidentally uninstalled the updates of the app and the Google Play Store app has rolled back to its previous version, you can easily get back to the latest and updated version of it with just a few clicks and you will also need not update google play services framework of your phone as you will get the latest version of it automatically.


There is actually a very easy and quick way to get it done. You can update the latest version of Google Play Store App on your android device by using the link to the google play store APK given below, without any extra efforts. Just click on the link of the APK given below and follow the same steps for updating, as mentioned above for downloading Google Play Store. And, you will have the updated version of Google Play Store on your Android device.

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