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How to Write a Simple Resignation Letter



First of all, I would like to congratulate you for taking such a bold step, giving out a resignation letter has never been an easy task. So now I am going to help you out with that. There are a couple of points which you should take care of before writing a resignation letter, they are.

1.Short – Always remember, a resignation letter is a written formal evidence of you which declares that you want to leave the company. So make sure that you just talk about the main points, short and sweet.

2.Professional – As you are moving away from the company, it doesn’t mean that you will be rude. A resignation letter should be in a proper and professional language.

3.Clear Intentions – When you write down a resignation letter, then it is your duty to make sure that you clearly mention why you actually want to resign from the company.

Things not to Include in a Resignation Letter –

1.Personal Attacks – I do understand that you have made a strong decision to quit this job, but that doesn’t mean that you are going to show all your anger on your manager with harsh words.

2.Don’t be Unclear – Do not be afraid to mention the right reason, always make sure that you will be clear enough while mentioning all your reasons for resigning from the company.

3.No Offensive Language – Like I have already mentioned, no personal attacks! Even if you are not satisfied with your job, do not use any offensive language in expressing your views.

Things to Include –

1.Date of Leaving – The most important part in the resignation letter is the day when you are going to quit the company. Make sure that you mention the date properly because that is how company will be taking care of the notice period.

2.Help in Transition – Be professional enough to ask your organization for the transition period.

3.Acknowledgment – Though you have made up your mind to leave the organization, you need to accept the truth that your company has helped you in gaining a lot of experience and has also helped you a lot in exploring more opportunities. Make sure you express your gratitude, do not hesitate to tell a simple thanks for whatever the organization has done to you.

4.Meet in Person – Giving your resignation letter in person would be much more preferred instead of sending it over the mail. Once you give the official letter in person, then you can have all the other conversations through the mail.

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Reasons for your Resignation –

I do understand that you might have a thousand reasons to resign from your current position, but the fact is that you cannot include all your points. The first important thing is that you need to check if all your reasons can be told personally or not. Always remember one thing, your resignation letter should not affect your professional image. If in case your resignation is due to a person in the organization itself, then you need to mention everything clearly including the identity of that person. It’s always recommended to maintain a good relation with your ex-boss because chances are more that you might be much more disappointed in your new job.

Points to be included in the Resignation letter –

1.Font – Prefer using Arial or Calibri over those funky calligraphic fonts.

2.Size – The recommended font size to use in your letter is 12 points.

3.Length – Your resignation letter should not exceed more than a single page, make sure that you will be both specific and clear with all your views.

4.Accuracy – Check out your grammar, be a grammar nazi and make sure that you cross check everything.

5.Signature – A signature is the most important thing in a resignation letter, make sure that you include your signature in the end.

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