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What’s the Difference between Website Builder and Web Hosting



Getting your website online can be quite easy. Especially these days where almost all services have been automated.There are several ways you can host your website or blog. Some of them may need adequate coding knowledge and a bit of programming. While some of them can be as easy as loadin them on to a server. Thanks to website builders, you can easily launch your site even without the technical know-how. What are the basic differences between a website builder and web hosting? Let us analyse then it today’s article.

Difference between Website Builder and Web Hosting

Well, if we see it from the presentation and end result point of view, they both would look similar. Only difference lies in the way the experience you have with it and to the visitor to the site. Let us differentiate them based on a few key parameters.


From this perspective, website builders tend to be more easy to use. In fact, we would consider the user friendliness to be the USP of website builders. It is so simple to follow that you can practically build a site and make it live in just under half an hour. You need not worry about the hosting or the technology used for hosting.

In case of web hosting, you need to make a meticulous planning. Site backups, maintenance and updates are some of the responsibilities you are expected to take care of.


Web Hosting would be the winner if you are looking for high end customisation. Platforms like WordPress give you complete freedom as to what would you like to do with your site. A huge library of themes and plugins will make the site look completely your own.

Website builders may offer you some degree of customisation, but there isn’t much you can do beyond a particular threshold. The framework and database do not have your say in it.


The high degree of customisation on self-hosted blogs can be a concern from the security point of view. You can implement any kind of code within the template. That would make it an easy entry point for malicious codes. Web hosting service providers do have their own security systems in place though. For a better comparison of secure web hosting services, you can consult comparison sites like top5hosting .

Website Builders are managed by a dedicated team of experts in real time. That would make them the most secure platforms for hosting your site.

What do we think?

Well, we would consider that both self-hosted blogs and those built through website builders have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. In fact, building a website on your own has its own advantages like customisations and uniqueness of your site, while Website builder will help you easily build a site without any hassles of having to manage it.

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Finally, it should boil down to what you are comfortable with. It will also depend upon the expertise you have in being able to handle it. If you do have enough technical knowledge, you may go to self hosted site, if not – website builder would be the best option even if a little costly than the web hosting option.

“Either way, you will have a huge variety of web hosting solutions to choose from. Checking upon web hosting user reviews should help you find a decent option one way or the other.”

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