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What to Look for in an Antivirus Product?



What to Look for in an Antivirus Product? : When we talk about online security, an Antivirus product always comes to mind. An antivirus is not just the best practice, but it has become the major requirement. The devices running on different operating systems require a program to protect it against malicious threats like viruses, Trojans, ransomware, and other perils. But you must consider the following things before choosing an antivirus product.

What to Look for in an Antivirus Product?

Real Time Scanning

What to Look for in an Antivirus Product?

The antivirus program is useless if it is unable to cope with viruses, worms, or any other such infections. All antivirus software is designed for detecting the presence of harmful malware, but not all of them are capable of detecting this malware. You should try your hands on some of the most powerful software programs like Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2017 to provide fully-fledged protection on your computer.

What to Look for in an Antivirus Product?

Bitdefender has made its antivirus programs to have an inbuilt virus scanner. That means it keeps checking your device repeatedly for any infection and cleans up the malware if anything is found during the scanning process. An ideal antivirus program should possess similar features.

Automatic Updates

The updates play a major role in preventing the risk of infection from just about any malware. A number of hackers are continuously trying to find a loop in antivirus software. If they catch any loop in it, it may be hazardous for the devices using that particular program. So, the antivirus developers try to find any such loop holes and launch updates for them on a regular basis. This prevents the hackers from invading that loop and attacking the user device.  

What to Look for in an Antivirus Product?

Protection for Multiple Programs

The threats exist across different programs installed in your system. These threats might come to your devices through the data transferred from external devices, or through media files shared using Gmail, Facebook Messenger, or any other platform. This type of malware might try to infect different programs or files stored on your system.

An ideal antivirus program should be capable of protecting multiple types of items, such as files and folders on your system that are vulnerable to virus attacks. If it is unable to protect multiple programs, it might leave your software along with the hardware dangerously exposed to the viruses.

What to Look for in an Antivirus Product?

Auto Clean

If your antivirus software can detect the malware instantly then it should be capable of deleting it on the spot. Unfortunately, not all antivirus programs are capable of deleting the malware found by them. You need to find software that is capable enough to clean off the malware detected. Choose software that has an auto-clean feature to get rid of harmful viruses.

What to Look for in an Antivirus Product?

Capable of Fighting Against All Malware

The antivirus should be capable of detecting all types of malware including viruses, trojans, spyware, bots etc. There are a few antivirus software programs that are designed to target a specific malware. Avoid using such software that is pre-designed to target a specific form of malware.

What to Look for in an Antivirus Product?

Low Overhead

A few antivirus programs are known to bring performance issues with Windows OSes. An effectual antivirus program must work behind the scenes optimizing resource use of the device without slowing down the system. Before choosing any such software, you must review the specifications needed by the program to run efficiently.

Email Protection

Nowadays, you need to have a check on every online resource you use. Though popular mailboxes like Gmail, Hotmail etc. have their own virus scanners, the non-popular ones might not provide this facility. Also, these virus scanners are not efficient enough to detect all types of malware. You should have an antivirus program that provides you email protection and detects even the most malicious threats transferred through emails.

What to Look for in an Antivirus Product?


The antivirus software you are using should be compatible with multiple devices. It should run well on different operating systems as well as on different mobile devices.

The Bottom Line

An ideal antivirus program must possess the above-mentioned attributes. Not only this, it should be available at a reasonable price and should provide adequate reporting tools to track the performance. Moreover, you should look for software that can run on multiple devices without straining the device’s resources too much. Make sure that the antivirus program you choose does not affect the performance of your device in the long run.

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