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Website Footer Design – How to Increase Conversions



Imagine that you’ve created a well-designed website. The headers are simple and easy to read, and the content is engaging. However, there’s one thing that you’ve forgotten. The footer! Without this important little section, you could run the risk of losing potential conversions! So we’ve decided to help you by detailing what footer aspects should be included in your page.

Why Are Footers Necessary?

When making a website, the footer design is just as important as the content and the headers of the page. Footers give a lot of important information to your visitor that might not be easily accessible via the main menu. Usually, the footer contains information about the About Us, contact information, press releases, or the terms of service.

Also, having a good footer increases the conversion rate of your sites. In fact, some brands gain at least a 50% increase in their conversion rates. Remember, most of your visitors will view your website until the bottom of the page. Make sure that you give them relevant information about your brand so they can stay and convert into a sale. Having a good footer makes the difference if your website successfully converts or bounces.

Things to Include in Your Footer Design

Here are a few things that you should include when adding a footer on your website:

  • Copyright: Having a copyright section on the bottom of your site can protect you from legal issues (i.e., plagiarism).
  • Privacy Policy: With a privacy policy, you can tell your users how your information and data is shared, stored and utilized.
  • Contact Information: You must have some form of contact if you want your consumers to interact with you directly. Make sure to make a “Contact Us” section at the bottom of the page with a submission form at the bottom of the page. This makes it easier for your customers to find your phone number, physical address, and links to support your additional websites.
  • Social Icons: Social media presence is a great way to have your consumers get attracted to your brand. Therefore, include your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts to ensure that they are also gaining traffic as well.
  • Image Gallery: For the designers out there, you’re going to want an image gallery in your website to showcase your progress. Providing your users with a gallery of high-quality images can prevent them from getting bored and keep them on your page.

While there are more things that you can include in your footer design (mission statement, geolocations, sitemap, etc.), you don’t have to include all of this on your website. Choose the pieces of information that are most relevant to your site. This helps improve the final results of the page and keeps your visitors intrigued on the content that you consistently produce.


Why do you need a footer? Because it will keep everyone engaged on your site from start to finish. When making your website, find out the information you need to include on it so that its presented in the best way possible.

Do you have any additional questions about footers?

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