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Web Hosting Issues You Might Not Expect



New website owners tend to experience various web hosting issues; it becomes difficult to know whether the web hosting services that you have signed up for are efficient for the smooth running of your website. People only realize that there is a problem once they start having issues with their sites and to avoid this, here are some potential issues you need to know in order to choose the best web hosting service.

Unreliable Service

Fast loading speeds and reliable servers are two important factors in ranking your site. It is the responsibility of your host provider to ensure that your website is always running to avoid losing impatient visitors due to slow loading pages. Studies show that 47% of users want a faster response and therefore, you require fast and reliable services with a high uptime. IP location affects site speed and a server that is far is slower which affects the user experience.

However, there are many factors that affect page speed and it’s not always the host’s fault. Any images or videos on your site need to be optimized and plugins need to be managed well. So, remember to check and identify different web hosts and reviews made by their customers.

Flexible Deficiency

It is normal for any business owner to see the need to grow their needs as the business and the number of customers grow. Scalability is important in your business and you need a good web host that is flexible to ensure this. Check if your VPS or dedicated hosting provider offers unlimited data transfers and various plans with the capability of upgrading or downgrading to help grow your business anytime that you are ready to.

Insufficient Support

You might face challenges with login details, scripts not loading or email not working, which requires urgent attention. Being able to reach someone to make inquiries or report an issue to in order to get it resolved as fast as possible is important in website running and maintenance.

Not all web hosting providers are dependable to handle issues as soon as they arise and you, therefore, you have to look for a provider who offers support 24/7 in case you have a serious issue that needs to be resolved.


You need to know the legal requirements of a country when looking for a web host. If your business operations are in China, alongside obtaining an ICP record, ensure that any topics in your website or terms used are in line with the Chinese government rules. A server located in Hong Kong would be ideal if you are targeting the Chinese market, so always make sure that you comply with all the legal requirements to avoid your site being banned.

In the US, on the other hand, you will have to be familiar with laws that allow you to hold copyrights in the US, since you will be working under the US legal jurisdiction.

Lack of Security

It has become a norm to hear incidents of hacked accounts and identity theft, so your host should provide you with the highest level of security to guard your website against hackers. That said, security levels are dependent on the plan that you choose. Although shared hosting plans have different levels of security offered, VPS and dedicated hosting are more secure for big businesses that handle e-commerce data and customer management, which contains confidential information.

Go for a web host that offers secure FTP connections with features like two-factor authentication, which makes it difficult for hackers to access your site as well as one that offers backup services to avoid losing your data.


It is important that you know your needs in terms of hardware, storage space, bandwidth, support, hosting package, etc. before deciding on your web host provider. Get assistance from companies like MangoMatter whose work is to ensure that they provide you with the best hosting advice and solutions to your hosting issues.

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