Everything You Need to Know about Video Marketing


As the name suggests, video marketing refers to all marketing strategies that use videos for promotional purposes. Whether we are talking about TV commercials or online tutorials, videos are far more effective than any other media, and they can serve multiple purposes. The beauty of videos is that they give brands more ways to express themselves, and they are also easier to consume than written content. A video can tell the same story that a written article does, but it will do it in a more expressive and more efficient way.

How it works

The concept is pretty simple. You produce videos in order to reach one or several of your marketing goals. The execution however, is a little more complicated. You need to have good equipment, an expert team and a good story in order to produce quality videos. If you don’t have experience with video production and you don’t want to invest a lot of time and money in this task, you can collaborate with a video company. For the best results, we recommend VFX Studios Los Angeles. Their portfolio includes everything from documentaries to TV commercials, product videos and much more. They also specialize in animations and special effects, so they can help you produce unique videos that will set you way ahead of your competitors. However, like all marketing strategies, videos must also be monitored to make sure that they deliver the desired results. The basic steps of a good video marketing campaign are: budget planning, the actual video production, customer engagement, publishing the video and tracking the relevant metrics.

Types of marketing videos

Depending on the goa of your marketing campaign, you can choose between different types of videos.

  • Product videos – They are used for showing a product in detail, be it a physical product, a software or a service. They can also be used for showing how the product can be used.
  • Tutorials – These videos are step by step guides which show potential customers how to use complicated products, or how to achieve certain tasks by using the advertised products.
  • Corporate videos – These include everything from presentation videos to live videos, staff videos and any other type of video that shows what happens behind the scenes in a company. They are used for branding purposes, for attracting investors or for recruiting purposes.
  • Animations – In marketing, animations are most commonly used to explain complicated concepts in a simple way.
  • Commercials – Whether they are TV or web commercials, these videos are a quick way to present your sales pitch in an attractive manner.

Advantages of video marketing

If a picture is better than a thousand words, the value of a video is considerably higher, and this type of content can bring any business numerous benefits.

  • A great way to interact with an audience – Videos allow your customers and potential customers to get to know you better. They build trust and if you promote them on social media, they give your audience the chance to interact with you through comments.
  • They are great for SEO – Search engines favor websites which feature videos, mainly because visitors tend to spend more time watching videos than they do scrolling through text.
  • Higher retention – Since they present a message using both audio factors and visuals, videos have a higher retention rate, so your message will have more chances of being remembered in the next purchase decision.
  • They attract new visitors – Most online users prefer to watch videos instead of reading text. Moreover, videos are also more shared on social media than other types of content, so they deliver a higher exposure.
  • They increase conversions – According to several studies conducted by marketing companies, viewers are far more likely to buy a product after watching a video than after interacting with any other type of marketing content. In fact, videos increase conversions and drive sales by 60-80%, and they deliver a higher ROI than any other marketing strategy.

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