Some Common Verizon Fios Internet Issues and how you can resolve them


Verizon Fios issues can turn your favorite entertaining devices into paper-weights and therefore, can ruin your home entertainment experience. If you are facing issues with your Verizon Internet or cable service, use this guide for common Verizon Fios issues and their solutions to get all your devices working again without giving a call to the Verizon customer service.

Resolving the common Verizon Fios issues on your own can really save your time. In order to work from home, you require a working Wi-Fi connection to connect with your teammates. Besides that, after a tiring day at work, you would want to watch your favorite shows on cable or any TV series at Amazon Prime or Netflix. But, all these services including the on-demand video service provided by Verizon will not work if you do not have a reliable Internet connection.

The most common Verizon Fios issues which are frequently faced by the users are listed below. In case you have any problem, which is not covered in this guide then you must call the Verizon Support.

Fixing Verizon Internet issues

If your television, gaming console or smart-phone is unable to connect to your favorite services, then you might be having Verizon Internet problems. Follow these steps to settle down this issue and get back your Internet connection.

1. Verizon Fios WiFi not working

If your Verizon Gateway Router is not properly connected or there is any problem with the Verizon’s network, then your Verizon Fios Wi-Fi will stop working. There is nothing you can do to fix up the Verizon’s network, but you may fix up the damaged gateway router by yourself.

The gateway router is a black box which is connected to Verizon’s network. You will find five Ethernet ports at its back and a Verizon logo. This box was installed by the Verizon technician during setting up your Internet access. It is used to broadcast the Wi-Fi signal.

In order to solve Verizon Fios Wi-Fi issues, you need to resent the Verizon Gateway Router. Take a safety pin or a thumbtack and try to insert it inside a red reset hole provided on the back of the box. This will allow your gateway router to restore to the factory settings.

Hold for a while till it restarts. Now, try to connect to the Wifi network using your PC, tablet or smart-phone again. If still, the problem persists, then call on Verizon phone number.

2. How to solve no internet connection on Verizon

If you get a message of no Internet connection on your device even when it is connected to Wifi, then keep your Verizon gateway Router unplugged for 5 minutes. Now, power on the gateway and wait for it to restart. If still, you are getting the same error, then you may require to reset the gateway as described in the previous issue.

Call Verizon if neither of these fixes works.

3. How to get rid of Slow Verizon Internet Speed

First, you need to check and make sure that a download is not choking the speed of your Verizon Internet. Besides that, Verizon provides different Internet plans and the cheaper plan do not work well if you try to download a large file causing its slow speed. Finally, you can try to fix this issue by resetting your router as mentioned above.

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