Uber updated its apps with a new ratings system


On Wednesday, Uber’s updated app is rolling out around the world. Now, the app will show your rating within the app. Previously, to get your passenger rating you need to email a request to Uber support – now you can easily find out your rating, with the stars that appears right under your name in the Uber app menu. This initiative was point at curbing bad behavior of riders. You can also review about ride-sharing Uber at autoxpedia.

Uber says that the change is because riders just ‘forget that the driver is also rating them, and things like slamming the door, trying to pile in more people than seatbelts, or eating in the car can impact whether it is a five-star experience for the drivers’. The company also testing the new way of showing the riders ratings for several months, but now it is going to be released to everyone. The rating is out of five-star, and is an average of the feedback you get from drivers.

Uber is also redesign its rating system for the drivers as it relates to UberPool rides. Carpool trips are as popular with the riders — as they are unpopular with the drivers — so Uber is simply want to make the experience less painful for those behind the wheel.

These updates are in-line with other recent changes made by the Uber, such as adjustments to the way it handles complaints against drivers. The ride-sharing company also recently updated its community guidelines to provide a list of specific actions that can get riders banned from the service.



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