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Top 8 tricks every mac user should know!




Mac users spend a considerable amount of time in the Finder, the part of the operating system that manages files and different records. The Finder may seem to be a simple app but it is not it is a complex and wonderful app. The Finder has its own tricks that should be mastered to make mac faster.

Here are 8 essential Finder tips that will help in the smoothing working or playing on your Mac.

1] Make Quick Look even cooler

Getting a full screen slideshow with complete index sheet just by pressing the Option space bar with the several files selected. To scroll through them, all you need to use are the arrow keys either on the screen or on keyboard.

2] Show your home directory in the sidebar

Home directory includes all the important documents, photos and music. To place it on the Finder’s Sidebar make a home Folder by choosing the Preferences from the Finder menu.

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3] Show the status and path bars

The two bars are at the bottom of any Finder Window. The Status bar will present the items that you have in specific folders and the space that is still free for storage on your hard disk. The Path bar will present you the folder path of any highlighted file or folder in the Finder. These are important and pass useful information so can be enabled in the View Menu.

4] Master the menu bar status icons

If the menu bar is loaded with many status icons then they can be rearranged and even made to disappear. To reorder them hold the Command button on the keyboard and then drag and drop the icon where you intend to put it. If you desire to get rid of them then just press Command then click and drag one of the menu bars icons towards the middle of the screen.

5] Theme your screen your way

Simply launch System Preferences, click on Accessibility and then click on the left paned Display tab.

6] More smarter folders

Smart folder organize the similar types of files in one folder. To make a smart folder choose one from the File menu in the Finder.

7] Rename more than one file at a time

Select all the files that you want to rename then right click the on the contextual menu Rename X Items where X denotes the number of files that you desire to rename. Then simply type the text you want to rename the file.

8] Re launch the finder

At times even the hardest app on the Mac will crash. This will call for rebooting or shutting down but before any such thing try to relaunch the Finder first. It is like force quitting an app, hit the Option-Command- Tab to see the non-crash app and when the dialog box is there highlight the Finder and click Relaunch. This saves your time as compared to the rebooting the Mac.

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