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Top Websites for Downloading Free Software For Pc



There are a number of websites which offers free software for PC. You cannot know which is safe and which is not because there are a myriad number of them floating around the internet. Here is a list of the sites, which are utmost safe and best to download free software for PC.


This website is ranking in the first place which offers free software for PC. It has streaming Sites for TV shows, VPN for personal use etc. The good thing is that the site updates you with the recent news like ‘Fall of Bitcoins’ and other important things that are happening in the online world. The site also offers tutorials for learning like the downloading methods and is also equipped with anti-virus. With so many advantages, Getintopc Games is the first choice of people to download free software for their PCs.

2) Ninite

The function of this website is little different. I would like to remind you that it is not complicated at all. The website displays a list consisting of many programs. You can select the ones you want. Then it will let you chose and download a custom installer file. This will help you to download the entire file together. This site is very popular for its security. There is no reason to worry about the junk ware using this site. When you will run the program later, this site will automatically update the program.

3) ShareWareOnSale

There is much software that is paid and such software can solve your purpose. But, nobody wants to purchase heavily priced software especially when you only need to use it once. SharaWareOnSale provides the best option in these situations. The site has many paid software which it offers on daily basis free of cost. You can download such software daily and use them. You can continue this activity for as long as you want. The programs are available for PC and Mac and they are available for free of cost. The IOS apps are also hosted at discounts. Some of the iOS and Android programs are hosted for free of cost.

4) TopWarSale

TopWarSale offers something new daily. This means this is a place which offers the best deals. The site provides the discounts and giveaways. You can get even the premium versions of software for free. You can also have the top-rated software for free for your PC. There is a huge range of software that this website offers. For example, software for multimedia, OS, Office, Business, Financing and a plethora of more are available on this platform for you. The software is available for Mac OS as well as Android.


This is the best site for game junkies. You will find software here which will cater to your gaming needs. Not only software, the site consists of giveaways and other good deals. Some of the top gaming software is also available at premium versions here for free. The site is also used for discussions on giveaways. The giveaways here are hosted on Android, Mac, Windows, and IOS. The site contains some of the gaming software which is not present at any other platform for free of cost. Even if these are not free, the site is best for discounts on some top-rated gaming software.

6) FileHippo

FileHippo is another popular name in the realm of free software websites for PC. Presently, it has over 20000 active programs which are distributed over 14 categories. The site can also offer you to download software first. If anything like that appears, then just skip and go for direct download. The top feature of the site is Update-Checker Program. This scans the programs present on your computer and informs which ones are needed to be updated. In this way it keeps all your programs updated.

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