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Top 5 Illegal Apps that can land you in trouble!



Not all best things are legal and same goes for apps. There might be millions of apps on the Google Play Store but still people get attracted to a number of illegal apps that are not available on Play Store. Among these illegal apps, casino apps are on top. They let users bet money, bet on matches and earn cash real quick. Today, we are going to have a look at the top 5 illegal apps.

To keep the article short and simple, we won’t be getting into a full review of each app but instead a short description.

Why use online Casino Apps?

If you are wondering why you should get into online casino then there are a number of reasons. The first very obvious reason is to make more money but other than that it can also cure your boredom.

For instance, you are out with your partner or family and they are busy with something. What can you do in such situation? Well, playing on a Casino App doesn’t sound like a bad idea then? There are a number of casino apps that you can use in your free time and also make money if you’ve got the needed skills. Below are the top 5 illegal apps.

Top 5 Illegal Apps

We have come up with a list of the Top 5 Illegal Apps. Here are the apps:

1. Golden Nugget

Provides you 100% Bonus up to $1,000
Live Dealer Mobile Games

Considered Biggest Mobile Library in NJ
Payment Method is Paypal

2. Betfair Casino

Provides 100% Bonus up to $2,500
Features 176 Slots

Features 6 Table Games
Paypal is Accepted

Features Live Dealer Games

3. 888 Casino

Provides Up to $1,500 Bonus
Features 14 Jackpot Slots
Comes with 75 Slots

Features 2 Table Games
Payment method is Paypal

4. Novibet Casino

Includes Live Chat

Regularly Updated Games

Huge Winning Potential

Available in multiple languages

5. Party Casino


Mobile Live Dealer
Features Dozens of Slots
Visa, ACH accepted

These were the Top 5 illegal Casino Apps. You can try one of them or all of them if you wish. There are a large number of casino apps available out there but we handpicked these as we felt these are the best ones. If you are wondering how to install these apps on your mobile devices then it’s easy. You can check below procedure to know how to install online casino Apps on Android.

How to install Online Casino Apps on Android?

Since these apps are not available on Google Play Store due to Policy Violations, you can’t directly install them. However, you can install them by following a simply procedure. Below is the full process to install these apps:

  1. Unlock your device and go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and enable that option.
  2. By enable the Unknown Sources option, you will be able to install 3rd party apps.
  3. Now, open the downloaded app and simply install it by following the basic steps.

That’s all you need to do to install Casino Apps or other 3rd party apps on your Android device. In this post, we discussed some of the reasons to use Casino Apps and then later the best Casino Apps available on the internet.

There are a few other casino apps that are good too but we could only include 5 in this list. If you use any of the 5 apps including in this list, you would be satisfied with your online casino experience. You just need the skills to maximize your winnings and minimize the loss. Stay tuned for more such informative posts.

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