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Top 5 Car Batteries in India



A battery is quite essential for the life of your car. Every automobile needs a battery to start its engine. In order to have a proper functioning of electronic components in your vehicle, your battery needs to be in a good condition. Without a battery a power cannot be supplied to various areas of your car to run properly. Nothing is more irritating when you get into the car and turn the ignition on and not seeing anything happening. Maybe you have left the lights on or forgot to close the door and your battery is drained. Even petrol heads face issues with it.

There are several types of batteries available in the market and car owner needs to be aware of what type of battery belongs to his car. One can easily do this by consulting the car manual or by taking a look at automaker’s website. You are required to know the type of battery and voltage you need for your car to run. Below are the best car batteries in India.

5. Okaya Wheelz: There are numerous companies in India manufacturing batteries for vehicles. However, out of those hundreds of companies only the few are able to come up with the products that suits Indian conditions. Okaya is one such name in the world of batteries which offer superior car batteries and are manufactured in accordance with the international standards using the best machines imported from all over the world. These batteries contain thin plates ensuring high cranking performance while the PE envelope segregation keeps the internal resistance low.

4. SF Sonic Car Battery: These car batteries are designed using the latest Japanese technologies and are manufactured at state-of-the-art facility at Taloja. To withstand with high temperatures in India, the SF car batteries are based on the grid alloy technology that offers good balance between high rate performance and long life. These batteries are compatible with auto giants like Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, etc.

3. Prestolite Car Battery: Belongs to Tudor India Pvt. Ltd, Prestolite batteries are among the popular manufacturers of lead acid batteries for cars, two-wheelers and UPS applications. Manufactured at its Prantij facility in Gujarat, these batteries were launched in 1997. Its parent company Tudor India belongs to GNB Industrial Power Ltd. UK. Prestolite is widely known for sealed maintenance free batteries.

2. Amaron car battery: Founded in the year 2000 with an aim to offer durable and maintenance less batteries, Amaron batteries belongs to Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. The launch of these long lasting batteries added zoom and style to your drive. You can find the car batteries price list at its website. These batteries were made to deliver superior performance in Indian conditions thanks to its low corrosion and high cranking power. Being the second largest battery brand in the country, Amaron Batteries uses cutting edge technologies like ability to tolerate excessive heat, resistance to vibration along with the maximum reserve capacity.

1. Exide Car Batteries: There is no denying about the fact why Exide batteries are termed as a best car battery brand in the country. With at least 2 years of life in strenuous conditions, these batteries worth every penny spend on it. Moreover, these batteries are abuse resistant and need less maintenance.

If you are looking for high quality batteries for you vehicle, you can browse the whole range at, Your Spare Part Expert – founded with an aim to resolve the spare parts problem in the country. This makes it very easy to buy online in India. Furthermore, the customers can compare the car battery prices.

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