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Top 5 apps for downloading Instagram videos


No doubt that Instagram is the most popular social networking app and it’s literally on fire since they have connected with more than 1 billion people, yes, you heard me right, one billion it is and even more counting.

Teenagers are the ones making it lit, and there is just so much with it, you share your photos, you get followers, you follow back individual personalities, but, like facebook, they don’t have any inbuilt feature to save pictures you want.

Now, obviously you want some memories in your device folder but, how? Well, don’t you worry since by the end of this article you will have five options to choose from, and I’ve personally tested each one of them.

Play store isn’t only for Instagram. You can install specific apps which will help you downloaded your desired Instagram photos or videos.

Following are top five apps which will help you download Instagram images and videos.

1. Video Downloader for Instagram:

Probably the most beautiful Instagram video downloader, you can handle multiple tasks all at once, and I’ve listed some key features down below.

  • You can download the video, or you can repost it.
  • You can even copy the hashtags.
  • There is a critical feature which will help you download multiple videos all at once; in simple terms, you can do multi-tasking since the app is smooth and it can handle various downloads.
  • You can later share videos or photos; once they get saved on your device.

Looking to download videos or photos? Well, this app can ease up your work.

2. Insta Save:

One of the most popular videos saving app and frankly, this app has the highest downloads with over one million plus users.

The key features are listed down below:

  • You can download multiple videos and images.
  • You can share, repost or delete them.
  • The app is smooth and clean, and honestly, it’ll provide a tremendous user-friendly experience to its viewers.
  • The app helps you download your desired videos in a flash, just way too quick!

The app has received tons of excellent reviews and its a must try application for Instagram users. Want to download videos or images? Just do Insta save.

3. Insta downloader image video:

Another fabulous video and image downloading app, it is indeed quick, and the app doesn’t crash nor lags.

The key features are listed down below:

  • Instantly save videos and images on your device.
  • Repost them, or you can just save them or delete.
  • You can copy captions.
  • There is one fantastic feature where you can collect data of any profile.

The app is super cool and a huge thumbs up.

4. Saver reposter for Instagram:

The app is undoubtedly a ‘WOW’ when it comes to its features.

The key features are listed below:

  • Download any image or video quickly.
  • You can copy descriptions or tags from any post.
  • You can view all the saved images or videos under the phone gallery.
  • Switch between the Instagram app and saver reposter for Instagram app in just one click.

The app is quick, and it’ll amaze you for sure.

5. Repost for Instagram – Regrann:

This app has a unique set of features which makes it different from the others.

Key features are been listed down below:

  • You can download Images or videos in just one click.
  • Repost the image or video without leaving the app.
  • You can remove watermarks from the previous video or image you saved.
  • You can add your captions or watermark to the video or image you saved.

App has gained a lot of popularity since the very beginning because of its unique feature. You won’t find any other app with features such as these. Simply hit the download button and have fun.


Each app has its own set of uniqueness and features.

I’ve tested every app and I have no misgivings for any of these.

Every app is good to go with and I highly recommend these five apps since they are the best Instagram video/image savers on my list.

Having a hard time downloading images or videos from Instagram? Why not give a shot to the apps which I have listed above.


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