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5 Tips for getting proper representation as an illustrator



Creatives do a lot of work, and oftentimes, they wear too many hats when in fact they can take some of those for others. For instance, as an illustrator, your world will be very much focused on the Graphic Design world. You will be focused on immortalizing concepts and ideas through drawing, painting, or whatever medium you can use to create something. When you finally want to show the world what you can offer, you will need people who can help you get yourself out there. This is where an agent or an agency comes in.

Ever seen some of the artists’ portfolios that have details stating like ‘represented by’? Well, the agency or agent’s job is to basically look for potential clients who would be willing to work with you. They make the negotiations as well as compensation and they prepare contracts to cover both you as an illustrator and your client. Moreover, having a proper representation will help you earn a good reputation.

Here are five tips for getting proper representation as an illustrator.

1. Make a great portfolio.

As an illustrator, showing what you are capable of is something you need to give importance to. Before you can get a proper representation, you need to present yourself to a creative agency that you have what it takes to be an outstanding illustrator. Make sure that your portfolio includes your best past projects as well as a simple explanation about your specific skill set on how you can achieve great projects. Make sure to highlight in your portfolio what on what’s in it for them. This is the most important detail you need to include in your portfolio so the agency will instantly represent you.

2. Look for creative agencies that focus on your field.

There are a lot of creative agencies out there that are great candidates to represent you. However, it would be best to choose ones that specifically represent illustrators. Do some research online or ask for recommendations from friends, colleagues, or fellow illustrators so you can find the right agency who can represent you. Go through some reviews and feedbacks from their list of illustrators. Read More information about them and see for yourself if they can provide the best and proper representation as an illustrator.

3. Send a sample of your work in lower resolution.

If you are still on the hunt for someone who can represent you, you need to get their attention first. Avoid sending your work in higher resolutions as it takes time to load and will most likely clog up an email. You must absolutely not send download links as well.

4. Be professional.

As with any other applications, you will need to be professional in introducing yourself even though illustration is somehow considered an informal industry.

5. Determine if you have similarities with the other illustrators in the agency.

While you definitely want to be unique in your own way, you will also need to know if the other illustrators they represent somehow do the same work like you. This way you will know if they can properly represent you.

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