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The Best Apps For Animal Lovers


We all love animals and would always go the extra mile for our pets. Nowadays, we are very fortunate with regards to technology and the like, that we have the ability to have all sorts of useful mobile apps to help care and love our pampered animals. So the question is what apps are essential for every animal lover to have on their smartphone or tablet?

WWF Together

The World Wildlife Fund app is a must have for any animal lover. It is able to bring the user closer than ever before to 16 endangered species of animals. The app features in depth interactive stories of these animals, such as tigers, elephants and giant pandas. The 3D interactive globe is magnificent and allows the user to discover how far away they are from 60 different animals, from all corners of the planet. It also demonstrates how to get involved and help with the protection of these amazing animals.

Pet First Aid

This is what every dog or cat owner needs to have installed before it is ever needed. This app provides brilliant veterinary advice to be called upon if an emergency ever arises with a much loved pet. Pet First Aid contains videos, interactive quizzes and easy to understand step by step advice, making it as easy as possible to get the help you need for your dog or cat.

Daily Kitten

Daily Kitten gives a smartphone user who may not have an opportunity to look after a real life cat, the chance to care for a virtual one. Your cat will do anything you want as long as you give it enough attention and take care of it’s needs.  You can stroke it, feed it, teach it tricks, play with it, dress it up, amongst many other fun features the app contains. Daily Kitten will provide the user with a new companion, who will provide a lot of fun.

Pets Next Door

If you love pets, whether you have one of your own, or just enjoy seeing what the furry friends of others are up to, this is the perfect app. Pets Next Door lets the user see cute photos that have been uploaded by others and allows the users to upload their own adorable and funny photos of their pets for others to see.

Horse Anatomy:Equine 3D

Some of us may think that horses are only for racing, with fans of the sport only thinking about betting with any established bookmaker to make a buck. However, there are many of us who don’t want to have a flutter and watch the races. This app is fascinating for both those who own their own horse, but also those who just have a interest in this wonderful animal. Horse Anatomy:Equine 3D allows the user, with the use of a 3D view, to explore the anatomy of a horse. The layers can easily be cut down and the horse rotated, which along with the zoom feature enables many different views to be explored to get a real understanding of the anatomy. There is also a quiz section to test your knowledge on horses.


For many animal lovers, there is a natural tendency to make the conscious decision not to eat meat. HappyCow is the award winning app that covers over 180 countries and allows the user to locate vegan and vegetarian restaurants all over the world. It possesses over 275,000 reviews on these websites and also health food stores, enabling users to check the venues out before visiting them. The app contains interact maps making it easy to find the locations of the venues and shows directions, phone numbers and website information, along with the reviews.

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