4 Things you should know about technology in ancient civilizations


Modern technology is superior in so many ways. But research shows that in ancient times, the level of technology was also advanced. From reliable harappan civilization information and other ancient civilizations, including ancient Romans and Greeks, there are so many things recorded in history regarding Technology in ancient civilization especially regarding Indus Valley civilization.

Here are 4 things you should know about technology in ancient civilizations:

1. Engineering masterpieces

There is evidence of engineering works in ancient civilizations. Such evidence is mainly found in Indus Valley cities, especially in Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. Due to floods, they architectural planning was made by ancient experts. Buildings were built in a such a way that they were raised in order to avoid floods and pollution from seasonal rivers during the rainy season. The buildings were also firmly constructed with uniform bricks. Hydraulic engineering through advanced sanitation systems is also part of engineering masterpieces in ancient civilization. Complex water management systems and high standards of hygiene are some of the evidence we have regarding ancient civilizations. That is why they adopted advanced sewerage waste and drainage systems.

2. Smelting

Ancient civilizations smelted metal. Even today, advanced technology is applied when smelting metal. In Indus, zinc smelting was very common. They also tried to come up with ways to eliminate zinc oxide which pollutes the environment. They were therefore actively involved in air pollution prevention during that time as well. Steel was also manufactured in Indus and sold to Europe by Arabians who made a lot of money. In fact, the great industrial revolution in Europe heavily depended on steel from India. Most industries in Europe and other parts of the world learned about casting steel to make various products from Indians. Ancient civilizations were technologically advanced in dealing with metals and creating metal products.

3. Transport

Research shows that in ancient civilizations, technology played a major role in transport. This is especially so in Harappa, Egyptian and Greek civilizations among others. Mesopotamia is also rated as one of the major civilizations with advanced transport technology. In the Indus civilization then, you would easily find the hardest woods such as mahogany and Teak. That is why they would construct ships and repair faulty ones then. In fact, during world war two, the British army lent some ships from the maharajas of ancient India. Indus are all well known for their aeronautical techniques. A system to monitor flights and conversations while on the flight, navigator communications systems and solar-powered engines are some of the technological advances in ancient civilizations.

4. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

Technology in plastic surgery keeps advancing. But it first started with the ancient civilizations.

Skin grafts and nose reconstruction procedures, as well as other types of herbal medicine, were very common in the ancient Indus civilization. Rhinoplasty, especially through forehead flap to reconstruct the nose, is a technique that is used to date. There is a major advancement in medicine today, but Indian herbs and traditional medicine are still very effective in healing various health complications. Most patients to date also seek medical care in Indian’s advanced and well-equipped hospitals to date.

Ancient civilizations embraced technology in various aspects of their lives. We have discussed a few things about technology then, but a small research on the same can review much more information about technology in ancient civilizations.

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