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How to Tech Out A Man Cave?



Man caves (also known as manspace) have been around for a while – they are essentially a space where men can have their own entertainment and décor choices, without having to defer to anybody else on the subject. A man cave is also seen as a space where a man can be himself and relax, and indulge in his own hobbies; a space for him to breathe. Modern day moves towards smart technology in the home means that a man cave could benefit from the inclusion of home automation and other forms of technology as well. More than simply being able to benefit from home automation, however, a man cave could incorporate it in such a way as to benefit the hobbies and relaxation of the man who uses it specifically.

The home in general is usually a mix of both people’s tastes, which is why a man cave is seen as relentlessly masculine in nature – it is one place where men can follow their own tastes without consulting another person’s. So where the rest of the house might have a TV lift, but no chair lifts, if the man who has the cave wants a chair which changes according to his needs and wants, then he can install electric actuators in a chair if he so wishes.

A man cave can be multi-functional – it can be where a man goes to relax, where he indulges his hobbies, or where he and his friends have fun. It is where hobbies which are established to be manly occur, such as watching sport, drinking beer, and playing video games or snooker.

In General

Home automation is something which can be used throughout the house, but there is no reason to say that it shouldn’t be used in a man cave. Making your life easier by helping you relax is the ultimate of a man cave, after all – why not incorporate some into the design? It’s even better if the home automation directly leads into hobbies which are enjoyed while in the man cave. For example, a TV lift and chair lifts to give a fantastic viewing experience, with linear motion used to bring one TV screen into prominence over another (if you are the type to bring multiple screens into your man cave). See here for some more ideas on this type of DIY.

A man cave can be whatever the occupying man wants it to be – so it comes as no surprise that man caves are as different from each other as the men themselves are. Caves can be solely for watching TV, or they can include a min-bar – it is up to you. Obviously you do have to keep within your own space limitations and money constraints, but other than that? The sky’s the limit.


R2-D2 Beer Holder

For the discerning man cave owner, there is a life-size R2 D2 unit available which is also a beer cooler. Obviously this is a choice for those of us who enjoy Star Wars and the associated merchandise, but it is a good start for anybody who wants that touch of geekiness with their handy approach to alcohol.

Smart Remote

Here is something that every single man cave needs – a smart remote. Not only does it let you control your TV, but it can also be used to control everything associated with the TV. It can be used from anywhere in the cave – you don’t need to be in proximity to the screen anymore, so if you are sitting at your private bar and want to watch something, just click a few buttons, and you are set.

One feature of smart remotes (and smart technology in general) which people seem to appreciate is the way that they can set specific patterns in it. If you want to press a button to have your blinds close, the TV switch on, and your seat recline, that is something you can have.

Hidden Doors

Part of the point of a man cave is to escape, and what better way to do that than by having a hidden entrance? This isn’t a new idea; many people have used bookcases or another type of furniture to keep prying eyes away from their private space for years. Try one – you might find the additional privacy is to your tastes, and it might also make you feel like 007 or Skeletor, with a hidden base to keep away from prying eyes.


Man caves have been around for a long time – it’s time to tech them up to keep up with the home automation in the rest of the house! A man cave is a necessary thing, though the uses for it may vary. Because there are so many different uses for it, a man cave can vary in its technological needs – do you install a TV lift or a doorbell? This article is only the start of the story, but hopefully it will help people see what they want from their man cave, and where to go next.

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