How to take screenshot on Samsung J7?


Taking screenshots on your smart phone is a very common requirement that we often face. It becomes easy to save an address that your friend sends you on chat since finding it later out of the piled up text messages could be a great disaster. In situations like these, keeping important stuff safe with screenshots is always great. Similarly, you may also like saving screenshots of any special messages that your loved ones write for you as their social statuses. Sometimes, even when browsing the net, we land up to read something interesting, may be a quote or so, which you might want to keep safe as a screenshot.

For all this, it is important to know how you can take a screenshot on your smart phone. If you own a Samsung J7 smart phone, follow the below mentioned steps to capture a screenshot.

 How to take screenshot on Samsung J7

  1. First of all, open the screen that you want to capture on your Samsung J7 smart phone.
  2. Once you have done that, press and hold the power and the home button simultaneously. Initially you may find it difficult to match the timing of holding both the buttons simultaneously. But well, practice makes you perfect. Try doing it a few times and you will start finding it as easy as performing any other functions on your phone.
  3. When you will press and hold the home and power button simultaneously to capture a screenshot on your Samsung J7 smart phone, the phone will give you an indication that the screenshot has been taken in the form of a flash, a sound or a vibration. This will depend on the volume settings of your Samsung J7 smart phone at that time. So, do not let go your hold on the buttons until you get an indication from your device.
  4. You can see the finished result, the taken screenshot by just pulling down the notification area of your phone by placing your finger above the screen and pull down. You will be able to see a thumbnail there. Press the thumbnail to open it and view the screenshot in your smart phone’s image viewing app.
  5. If you by chance end up dismissing the notification or in case you have taken a number of screenshots, you can find your screenshots saved in the Gallery area of your Samsung J7 smart phone.


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