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Steps to Building an Online Sales Funnel



If you are an entrepreneur, then you know the importance of marketing. If you do not wantto market, then your business can end up failing as it will not have new customers. You, therefore, need to spend time as well as effort doing this. One way to do this is to use a sales funnel.

What exactly are a sales funnel?

If you are not sure what this is, this strategy tends to be named like this because,in diagram form, this marketing strategy looks like its name. When it comes to the top category, this is the biggest one moreover represents the most number of people, i.e., potential customers.

Looking at the bottom category, this shows the least number, i.e., committed customers. This is why it tends to be smaller.

If you want to develop your own online sales funnel, then continue reading on.

Develop a wonderful landing page

A website’s landing page will be the first impression that a potential customer will immediately have concerning your business. It is important to make this look amazing. Having a good landing page encourages visitors to happily sign up for a list, or also subscribe to your website. You will then get needed contact information that can help you communicate with customers.

Give a front-end offer

You can then present your potential customers with the ability to purchase a product or get your service. At the time that you are constructing the main front-end products as well as associated upsell offers, try and engineer them with the extra thinking about how this will aid in developing more wanting for the following (backend) offer that you will present them with. In this step, you need to, therefore, be “pre-selling” particularly on the next step within the funnel 4share.

Provide an upsell offer specifically on the back end

You can offer customers that have recently purchased or are going to purchase an item or service the ability to upsize, or even upgrade that particular service. You can, for instance, develop an offer which will give more benefit if the customer decides to upgrade. This is known as an upsell.

Provide a downsize option

This part of the funnel tells you to provide a downgrade option for some customers. Remember that a downsize option tends not to represent some failure. This should not be viewed as a loss onthe sale. Think about this as a method to keep those customers who cannot purchase from you because of budget constraints. These constraints can change. Therefore be considerate and provide cheaper choices for these people.

Keep your momentum going

This is the last step in your sales funnel. You should follow up with any new customers that you have gotten. Be certain that they are happy concerning their product or service. You can, for instance, provide an exciting membership-based rewards program. You can stay in contact with your customers with this allowing you to inform them of new deals along with services.

The above steps are for a business that has an online presence. Nevertheless, any business may benefit from building funnels.


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