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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional 7.0



Ever lost all your data from your own hard disk or any removable device?

Well… then this product is surely going to help you

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional is a overall and complete solution to get back or recover your lost data from your owned removable disk or hard disk. It a totally overall complete solution for all your problem related to data loss.there is a powerful sca engine in the software that allows to do a complete scan of the device which in turn does a perfect scan of the selected storage device and also gives a preview of all the files that are found during the scanning process and also saves the same to a particular location/destination.

There is also an option available where you can recover documents, emails, folders, media files, etc.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery also allows you to save the particular scanned information so that the same process can be repeated in future if required. You can also create an image of volume of space available in hard drive or the complete hard drive. That image file can be used to recover data when the actual hard disk is unavailable. This features is helpful as many a times it happens that during use of hard disk, there is a sudden failure which leads to erasing of the content in it or the drive has some sort of virus in it which deleted the files inside it.

What’s new

The new Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software comes packed with hell lot of new features which are not available in other data recovery software that come for the same price. While using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software I experienced some unique features that are not available in any other software out in the market. Using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software you can recover all your data from any device, the software is really user-friendly. You can install the software on all the version of Windows may it be XP or the latest Windows 10. They have improved a lot of features from the previous version of the software like they now have Multiple DPIs Supported also there’s Unicode support, you can now search specific type of files in logical drive and also look for specific deleted/lost data, The scans are faster than ever also there is Raw file recovery and Enhanced Support of Add New Header/Edit Header. In my opinion this is ‘The best Data recovery software’ available in the market.

Key features

  • Categorization of scanned results
  • Preview of files before recovery  
  • Raw recovery of volumes and hard drives to search data based on signatures
  • Recovers data from accidently deleted volumes  
  • Recovers data from formatted volumes  
  • Recovers deleted files and folders  
  • Recovers from hard disk, removable media such as pen drives, memory cards etc
  • Resume recovery option to recover data later on  
  • Supports 300 or more File types  
  • Support of all types of CD/DVD with CDFS, UDF, HFS+ file system  
  • Tabbed view of scanned Tree – File Type / Treeview / Deleted List  
  • User can add / edit their file types which makes it more robust  
  • User can create image of hard disk and volumes for recovery

About stellar

Stellar Data Recovery is a overall spreaded global leader who provides data recovery, data erasure solutions and data migration services for the last past two decades. Stellar Data Recovery is a customer oriented, global data recovery, erasure solutions provider, critically acclaimed and data migration provider with low on budget solutions available for large companies, home users and SMEs. Stellar Data Recovery has a head quarter in New Delhi, India and also has lot of respect across Asia, USA and Europe.

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