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How To Start Work With An Affiliate Program?



During the last few years, affiliate programs have become not only a good source of income for Internet-resources owners but also a way of an additional promotion for the said resources. This feature elaborates on the ‘affiliate program’ concept, studies its main advantages, and tells how to start work with an affiliate program without even having your own web-resource.

What are affiliate programs?

Affiliate program is a sort of online cooperation where the standard format of marketing interaction between seller and buyer is complemented with a third participant – intermediary. An intermediary gets either a deal interest or a certain sum for selling, posting ads or other manipulations with a product or service of a seller (this is defined in the terms and conditions of participation). In any way, they receive money for deliberate activity of potential/existing buyers, not just for an ads link clicks.

Parties in affiliate programs

According the above-mentioned, an affiliate program has three sides: seller (sponsor, service provider, i.e. a person or a company that needs to promote its business among the new customers), intermediary (an entity that will advertise the seller’s products or services for certain fees), and buyer – a potential source of income for the first two sides

Reasons to work through affiliate programs

The reasons for taking part in the discussed affair are quite obvious. For sellers – it is an utterly great way to expand their target audience with minimum expenses; for intermediaries – an excellent option of an additional, quite profitable, and, in some cases, totally passive income. Moreover, the intermediaries that possess their own website or a social network community can use affiliates to increase conversion.

Advantages for you

In case you have never been a participant of the discussed kind of cooperation, you are probably thinking what benefits might bring starting work with an affiliate program for my business. We define the four general advantages for any affiliate participant that acts as an intermediary.

fast income without any investments. Even if you don’t have your own website, you can offer the sponsor’s products or services to your friends and relatives and get the initially discussed with a sponsor fee for the successful deals.

After purchase payments. With most affiliate programs, you don’t have to wait until the earned money is transferred to your account. As a rule, commissions are transferred to your card or e-wallet during 1-2 hours after the deal had been held.

Additional advertisement for your own web-resource. Your own Internet-resource will attract new users that are looking for the products or services presented by your sponsor. In such a way, partnership expands your TA reach.

No income limits. If you have a very well promoted web-resource or you are simply a heaven sent seller, you will be able to get money without any restrictions or limitations with affiliate. Your fees are multiplied by the number of customers you bring to the sponsor.

Some platforms to start work with an affiliate program

Most people that want to take part in affiliates are looking for sponsors with the help of specialized platforms also known as partner networks. They are the places for posting offers of several (sometimes several thousands) advertisers selling products or services of absolutely various themes at once. Among the most popular platforms of such a kind are services Travelpayouts, eBay Partner Network, Amazon Associates, ShareASale, Flexoffers, Tradedoubler.

How to find the right affiliate program for you

If you are an owner of a popular web community, blog, online-store, or some other web-resource with good traffic, you will easily find the people that would like to ‘repost’ your ad banner, link, or something else. Another thing is that in order to get a deal (from which you will get a fee) out of a click on the link, you will have to look for the partners that distribute products or services similar to your resource’s. If you are selling cosmetics, then an affiliate program with a clothing brand or even a travel agency may be a great idea. And vice versa, if you are keeping a blog dedicated to the healthy lifestyle, a building materials ad banner won’t be really convenient.

What are the requirements for starting affiliate marketing

You don’t have to pay a single penny in order to become a partner in the discussed program. As to the nonmaterial requirements for a potential partner, they are minimal. You don’t even need to own a site to start earning. In particular, you can simply be a good SEO specialist or possess a wide circle of contacts to which the production/services of \the sponsor can be presented.

How to start an affiliate program for your business: where to begin?

So, let’s try to answer a particular question of, for example, how to start affiliate marketing on your blog? The simplest way is to employ the partner network services. In such a case, you won’t have to handle the organizational questions (the ones related to your salary, for instance) or approve the integrity of your sponsors (this goes both for partners relationships and the quality of services or products sold by the partners). All you need to do here is accept the conditions of the chosen network.

Starting work with an affiliate program: tips

As a matter of fact, there are two case scenarios where you can earn good money due to participating in an affiliate.

Who are you? What needs to be done?
A web-resource owner Asking yourself: “how to start an affiliate program for your website”, it’s important to realize that in order to start getting real money from such cooperation, an effort must be put into the promotion of your own site. To do that:

  • fill your site with unique, interesting, consistent content;
  • buy external links;
  • attract new visitors with gifts for reposts in social networks;
  • choose only the sponsors that correlate with your web-resource’s products or services topic;
  • be honest with your audience & don’t recommend the sponsors in the quality of services & products of which you aren’t confident.

You goal is to beat the 100 people a day mark.

You don’t have your own web-resource, but you can sell In such case you can:

  • commence the building of your website at once & use the tips from the previous case afterwards;
  • send the sponsor’s news to your friends & relatives presenting the service as well tried & tested.


As we can see, the ‘how to start an affiliate marketing program’ affair can be resolved by a proper choice of partner and efficient promotion of one’s own website. That way you will get a constant source of good income. On another hand, employing the affiliate services, you can get such a source without your own site, by simply recommending a certain establishment to friends and whatnot! If you become a member of the Travelpayouts partner network, which promotes the advertisers’ travel business apps, you will be able to start earning in a few minutes after the registration!

Hello, I am Abhishek Yadav, I am an Internet Marketer and a Blogger. along with blogging I also have some Programming and content marketing skills. Connect with me on Twitter @Abhinemm to know more about me :)

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