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A snapshot of the Indian real estate industry for investors



It is widely said in India that ‘Real Estate is a safe investment’. Indians prefer investing in physical assets rather than fiscal assets. According to a Tomorrow Makers report, real estate is the most popular asset class next only to gold. Indians not only prefer buying their own house, but also like to buy one or more residential properties to rent them out for supplementary income.

Challenges faced in real estate

Over the last few years it had become challenging to invest in real estate. It has been difficult to trust builders as several projects were not getting completed on time or not getting completed at all. Lending rates were high. It has also been difficult to estimate whether the investment about to be made in a real estate property would offer satisfactory returns, due to the uncertainty about project completion. Reviewing the legality of the project is also tiresome and one may have to spend extra money by involving a credible lawyer.

Positive Trends

With the advent of RERA, things are looking up for the better. This will ensure timely completion of projects as well as rationalization of prices for end consumers. Lending rates have also been reducing. However the biggest benefit is the change of sentiment as serious home investors are willing to loosen their purse strings and instill their faith in real estate once again. More and More NRIs are also considering to invest in India due to the transparency promised by the new regulation.

The future for investors

Inspite of the plethora of online platforms and offline professionals, real estate investors still find it difficult to discover promising opportunities. The volatility of returns across real estate investments drives risk averse investors away. Investors these days would rather earn through real estate specialists, instead of going by their own judgement and doing their own due diligence.

Thankfully, there is one such credible option already making waves in the Indian realty market: SmartOwner. Founded in 2012 by thoroughbred professional management, every SmartOwner offering contains the following advantages:

  1. Investment security through extensive due diligence
  2. Massive discounts on the market rate that aren’t available to individuals
  3. An effortless investment option through SmartOwner’s resale division

Smartowner is the platform which offers all these advantages. Backed by a thoroughbred professional management, they have proven their skin in the game for the last half a decade.

Exploring such genuine platforms is a must for serious real estate investors who wish to stay ahead of the crowd.


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