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SMEs are adopting AI-Driven branding solutions faster than expected.



You would be hard-pressed to ignore how the new-age technologies like Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things), Data Analytics, etc. are empowering the SMEs around the globe and equipping them with the tools and features that were once only available to the large corporations.

Unlike the well-established multi-billion dollar companies, startups and other small businesses have a limited budget and limited staff. Thus, technologies that are powerful yet easy to afford became popular among them rather naturally. One of these is Artificial Intelligence.

The Rise of AI

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Although the AI technology is not entirely new and was introduced as a concept way back around the 50s, or arguably even earlier, it was only in the last few years that it actually made a considerable growth and reached a level of maturity that was enough for it to find some practical applications.

In fact, AI engineers have become one of the hottest IT jobs today. This is because the technology is gradually making its way into every industry- let it be customer service, marketing, or even branding!

Today, an SME can save hundreds of dollars each time they need a new company logo or some other branding related content by simply using an AI-backed logo generator and other associated tools.

Why the Massive Hype?

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AI-driven branding solutions are becoming increasingly popular with the SMEs today, and the following are the main reasons why:

1. They fit their Budget

A large number of small businesses start with just a shoestring budget. So, they have to allocate their capital to the various operations wisely.

Naturally, marketing, sales, and production take the lion’s share, and then there is only a small amount of funds left for the other important areas, including branding.

Since most of the good graphic designers charge a considerable fee for creating a company logo, small businesses have started leaning towards AI-based programs instead, which are far cheaper and easily affordable.

2. They are Ideal for Repeat Work

Company branding is an ongoing process. For instance, during festive seasons such as Christmas and Halloween, an SME may want to modify their company logo and other branding elements slightly so that they fit with the seasonal themes. Similarly, they have to restock their branding products including business cards, business decks, etc. from time to time.

In other others, there is a lot of repeat work involved in the process.

As mentioned earlier, human graphic designers are expensive to appoint. Plus, their deliveries often take a long time even if an SME is in a hurry.

Since AI programs are super-fast and super-effective, they make for an ideal choice for branding services.

3. They Lead to Happiness

A rather simple yet important reason why SMEs are embracing the AI-driven branding solutions so much is that they are quite happy with the results.

Working with an actual design studio is usually quite a hassle. A company has to first explain to them about their business model, work culture, branding requirements, mission statement, etc. Then they have to give some pointers on the kind of logo they want. And then the actual process starts, which can easily take weeks to finish.

A logo designer usually has to make multiple edits in the logo before it’s finally accepted by the client company. Sometimes, they may even scrap everything and start from scratch.

It’s not hard to see why a company may not want to go through the process explained above. So, an AI-software which is able to understand the branding requirements of a company far better and deliver results that are much closer to their ideal requirements is naturally loved by everyone that tries it.

AI Could be The Future of Logo Creation

Although AI is still going through a growth phase and maturing with each passing day, if the trends and results are any indications, it’s possible that in the near future the majority of businesses (both small and large) will avail AI and other new-age technologies for all their branding requirements.

Hello, I am Abhishek Yadav, I am an Internet Marketer and a Blogger. along with blogging I also have some Programming and content marketing skills. Connect with me on Twitter @Abhinemm to know more about me :)

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