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What Small Business Owners Should Know About SEO



Small business owners are always on the lookout for new strategies to take their venture to the next level. While it can prove difficult to know where to start, taking the right steps can transform your business. Although not new, SEO is at the core of any business marketing strategy today and has proven to be one of the most effective marketing strategies for small businesses.

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Why SEO?

Based on recent market reports, around 75% of online users don’t scroll past the first page of search engine results. Additionally, approximately 70% of links that online users click on search engine results are organic. These among other digital marketing statistics prove why business websites should be at the top of every first page of major search engines like Google.

According to Seattle SEO experts at, the right search engine optimization strategy helps your web content, structure and other elements rank higher, gain authority and ultimately attract more visitors to your site.

Here’s what every small business owner should know about SEO:

SEO is a Long-Term Marketing Strategy

Search engine optimization is a dynamic marketing strategy. Whether you’re working with a digital marketing agency or a specialized search engine optimization company, SEO should be a key area of focus in your ongoing digital marketing campaign. As a business owner, it’s important to stay up-to-date with new changes and know how to implement SEO successfully.

Many small businesses invest in SEO expecting to see immediate results. This is the wrong approach. What you need is a comprehensive SEO strategy that involves unique content creation and the implementation of SEO best practices. With consistent effort, time and money, SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that results in better rankings in search engine results.

Integration With Your Overall Marketing Strategy is Key

Successful SEO requires proper integration into your overall business marketing strategy. You must ensure that all your teams are working towards achieving the same goal for your business. An established SEO agency should create an effective marketing integration strategy and communicate it to your social media team, content writers, web designers and PR team.

The overall purpose of marketing integration across your digital marketing efforts is to complement and reinforce the overall impact of each of the marketing strategies that you choose to use to promote your small business.

Think Mobile

Major search engines like Google want websites to be more mobile responsive. Good site optimization starts with great website development. Prioritize on a “mobile-first” approach in the development and ongoing updating process of your business website. Most consumers are accessing information and shopping online through their mobile devices.

Mobile SEO is critical to successful digital marketing. If you want to have a competitive advantage in the market, you should be already adapting to the changes that mobile is bringing in the digital marketing space. Think mobile when implementing your SEO strategy and you will be one step ahead in reaching the ever-growing mobile user base.

Make your Site Valuable

To achieve great results with SEO, your website should be highly adaptive and responsive to different web browsers and devices including smartphones, have regularly updated content, proper SEO set up and a simple user interface. A combination of these efforts results in a great user experience and a loyal following that will stick with your business.

Change is Inevitable

Digital marketing trends are changing quickly, and small businesses must constantly adapt to these new changes. From live video streaming to more focus on visual content and adaptation of new innovations like augmented reality, digital marketing is constantly evolving. To stay on top of these changes, you need to work with the right SEO experts so you can know what to focus on in your marketing efforts.

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