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Shopify Gold for Enterprise Compared to Other Ecommerce Platforms



Shopify Gold for Enterprise is a newly launched ecommerce platform to serve the fast growing needs of high-volume businesses in india. This service is exclusive to India, and aims at providing India focused services to businesses, at affordable prices.

Selling your products online can open up a larger market than you could target with a brick and mortar network of stores. However, it also involves a lot of work to set up and get it running.

You can develop your own solution if you have a huge development team. But it is far easier to use one of the readily available ecommerce tools to quickly expand your market to the online space.

Ecommerce Platforms

Whether CMS or SaaS platforms, there are many choices available to businesses. Magento, WooCommerce, OsCommerce, Drupal Commerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify are just a few of the popular solutions available. They are all powerful tools for setting up your online stores and tracking your sales and stock. They differ based on technologies used and the feature sets they offer, but most of the e-commerce websites in the world are powered by these platforms.

Shopify – The Difference

With Shopify, the initial setup is incredibly easy and fast. You can get your shop up and running with a simple interface. You have a large number of Shopify components, add-ons and plugins to choose from, to extend your ecommerce setup.

Shopify has a large and active user community and support forum so that if you run into a snag, you can easily check for solutions online. If you need professional help, there is the 24/7 customer support helpline.

Shopify Gold for Enterprises

Shopify Gold targets Indian businesses who have to handle increasing sales volumes. It is built on top of the proven Shopify infrastructure. Shopify already provides a strong set of features for your ecommerce website. Shopify Gold extends it and enables you to handle increased sales and related needs.

You get the ability to handle peak sales especially at festival times like Diwali. Shopify Gold ensures 99.99% uptime, Level 1 PCI DSS compliant security, and unlimited bandwidth and transactions. You also get access to premium APIs to extend functionalities, checkout customization facility, and the ability to handle 6000 orders per minute.

Shopify Gold – With You All the Way

Shopify Gold lets you handle increasing sales and comes up with innovative new solutions to make the business of selling easier to track and handle. You get the help of India based account managers and their teams. They go beyond just providing technical help. They can provide advice on making the best use of Shopify Gold functionalities and add-ons to come up with the ideal Ecommerce strategy and solution for your business.

A growing network of Shopify partners enables you to pick dedicated expert teams who can guide you and help you build the perfect solutions using Shopify Gold. They can sit down and discuss your business strategies and help you migrate to Shopify, or make the best use of this platform.

Shopify Gold – Easy Scalability

With Shopify Gold, you don’t need to worry about migration or scaling as your business grows. This is a cloud based service and resources are allocated to your account as your needs grows.

This service assures 99.99% uptime and this is backed by the Shopify infrastructure that includes more than 7000 CPU cores to power the hosted sites.

Expand Your Inventory

No limit on the SKUs, unlimited bandwidth, and transactions ensure that you can keep expanding your stock without having to check on any limits. Offer new items without discarding old SKUs that keep certain customers coming back.

Highly Secure And Flexible Payment Processing and Delivery

Shopify Gold provides ready access to more than 15 payment gateways in India, and lets you partner with over 10 established and reputed logistics services. The PCI-DSS compliant Level 1 security, different payment options and prompt delivery ensure customer satisfaction.

Customize Discounts and Shipping

Use APIs and special scripts to offer special discounts, festive offers, free shipping for certain orders and so on. Whether you are offering fixed discounts or percentage discounts, special prices on specific products, it is easy to set everything up with Shopify Gold.

Shopify Gold is tailored to meet the needs of Indian merchants and businesses, who want the ability to handle a huge amount of sales. Shopify allows them to smoothly track their sales and inventory, and integrate with existing ERP systems.

With its secure and reliable infrastructure and rich set of inbuilt features, third party apps and other extensions, you can handle all your ecommerce requirements without any hassle. Plan for more sales and expansion into international markets without the need to worry about IT resources, crashes or downtime.

Hello, I am Abhishek Yadav, I am an Internet Marketer and a Blogger. along with blogging I also have some Programming and content marketing skills. Connect with me on Twitter @Abhinemm to know more about me :)

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