Seven Tech Tools That Will Help Your Business Grow


There is a good reason why small and medium businesses are in the list of early adopters of new tech tools. Unlike big, slow-moving companies, these smaller business entities always tend to switch to new business technology as soon as its benefits are clear to them.This helps them reduce their overhead and maintain focus on core business objectives. If you are wondering which tech tool can help your business grow, here are seven tools that you can use depending on your needs to achieve great results.



Content marketing is a core component of today’s sales environment. Businesses drive visitors via their purchasing funnels with useful content marketing campaigns. But ideating, creating, and sending out content into the world to help drive traffic to your website and get them into your funnel require a lot of time and money.

ClearVoice gives you the bandwidth to handle all those procedures for your business. Inside this device, you can create new ideas, get professional assistance, and hire great content creators. Consequently, you can manage the process of content creation through this platform’s dashboard and after the creation of content use its third-party publishers to get it out to the masses.



Verizon Wireless is an American company that offers its customers wireless telecommunications products and services.  Verizon Cloud is a service provided by Verizon to mobile, residential and business customers all over the world. You can use this tool to back up information and store photos, videos and any other types of files. If you are wondering how to access Verizon cloud, there are many platforms that can show you the best way. It is quite a simple task that will prove to be very useful for every business.


Weekdone is another wonderful tool that you can use to help your business grow. This tech device is transforming the traditional company status report. It is making the reports easier for workers to fill out and managers to understand.Employees just fill in their portion of the report, sharing with their managers any plans that they have, progress and problems encountered along the way. This data is evaluated and compiled into an easy-to-read report, which is then shared with their managers through email.

Sprout Social

Sprout media is an important tool for every entrepreneur and a standard for communicating and sharing content. However, small businesses can find measuring the engagement, scheduling their messages and communicating with their followers to be an extremely daunting task, especially if two or more people on their teams are in-charge of social media.

This is where Social Sprout comes in to rescue entrepreneurs. You can use this tech tool to track all your conversations on social media and understand all the metrics behind these contents and posts. The interface of Social Sprout is also useful for keeping the lines of communication clear while providing great insights regarding all interaction on social media at the same time.


Dapulse is for businesses that embrace internal transparency. This project management tool lets everyone involved in a particular task see what is happening. Because of this, it ensures progress towards achieving the project goals is updated in real time. Thus, intermediate jobs may not fall through the cracks easily, and no one has to run after anybody for answers or clarifications.


Small and medium businesses are launching an ever-increasing number of apps. The challenge is that only a few businesses have the in-house capacity to deploy, scale, and host them. The solution is Modulus, which is a flexible hosting platform that enables companies to do all these things with virtually no lead time.


Shopify is useful for helping business process payments easily. Employees that operate online, they can plug their unique business URL into this platform and come out with a customized online storefront inside one of its numerous templates. They can then add products, set up taxes and shipping rates, and build in return and exchange policies with just a few clicks. This business tool has a great customer support and offers a convenient retail location application for checkout registers.

Despite your personal efforts, you may still be facing a lot of challenges in growing your business. Still, you can now use these new tech tools to solve many of these issues and help your business grow with much ease.



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