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How to set up your own store using WooCommerce



Well, today most of us aware of the E-commerce sites like AliExpress, Amazon etc. Well, there are thousands of such websites which sell their products online and make a profit. Well, you too can bring your business online very easily. In this article, we will teach you how to setup your own store using woo commerce. Using this you will be able to setup your own E-commerce site where you can sell physical products. I will try to provide you the best guide I can with detailed steps so that you will not face any difficulty while building up your own online store.

Requirements for building an Online Store

You can easily set up your online store with a little knowledge in computer so that you can understand what I am telling. You do not need any extraordinary computer skills though and hence setting it up using woo commerce plugin is very easy. Yes, you should know that woo commerce is a WordPress plugin that helps you set up your own Online store very easily.

Let’s start with the early Preparations: –
First of all, come up with a unique Domain Name and remember that will become the name of your store.
You need to get a hosting account to keep your website, Don’t worry I will tell you where to get it later in the article.
You will need some bucks to buy hosting and domain and a medium to do online payment.
That’s it so now let’s begin setting up of our Online Store.
Here is summary of what you are going to get in this article

  • Getting a Domain Name
  • Getting Web hosting
  • Setting Up WordPress
  • Setting up Woo Commerce on WordPress
  • Getting Your Domain

As mentioned earlier, firstly you should think of a domain for your store and remember that it should be unique and catchy. A domain name looks like and is actually the address of your store. Though there are hundreds of websites that provide you domain of your choice (if available) but I recommend you to get your domain from because they provide a good service at very good budget without cleaning your pocket :P.
Once you apply for your domain, it’s time to get a Web hosting plan to Keep your Website: V.

Getting a Web Hosting

After getting a domain, it is time to get a Hosting plan to keep your website in it. Hosting is actually like a storeroom that stores all the data of your website to keep it running. And there are plenty of Websites providing you a hosting plan with a lot of other features. There are a lot of sites for hosting your site but I would recommend you to get a hosting plan of your choice from Siteground, Godaddy or Hostinger for the 24 Hours smooth running of your E-commerce store.
I recommended you this Siteground, Godaddy, Hostinger site because they provide Best Customer Support for decent pricing.
Once You get domain and Hosting, your site is up and now it is time to set up your store and for that first, you will need to setup WordPress. Installing WordPress on our hosting is free of cost and Here is how You can add it: –

Installing WordPress on your hosting Account

Well setting up Woo Commerce with WordPress is like a journey. This sounds hard but I must say it is pretty easy. Installing WordPress Require the following steps: –
Make a WordPress account.
Go to the user panel of your host.
Now you just need to follow the wizard to complete your setup.
Done, blank WordPress is successfully added to your website and you can check that by visiting your domain (e.g. or by logging into the admin panel by just visiting /wp-admin (e.g.
So now you are done setting up WordPress on your site and now is the Final step of installing and setting up Woo Commerce plugin on WordPress to turn your blank site into an awesome E-commerce online store. Here is the guide on How to set up WooCommerce for your own online store: –

Install and Setup WooCommerce on WordPress

Installing WooCommerce is as simple as installing any other plugin on WordPress that is just by
Opening Dashboard on WordPress go into plugins section and clicking on Add New.
Once you are in add plugin section, just search for ‘WooCommerce’ from the search option.
Now just click on Install Now button next to WooCommerce Icon which you will find at the top of the search results.

Wait for few secs and then click on Activate icon once it appears on the screen.
You have successfully added WooCommerce plugin and now it is time to set it up. Just follow the following steps which I think is pretty easy: –
After clicking on ‘Activate’, click on let’s go to begin our setup.
First it will Take you to the page setup window where you can set up all the pages you will need like, a homepage where you can display all your Products, a page to keep the Items added to caret, a page where the buyer can check out their item, and a page where users can make their Account. Once done click on Continue and that will take you to the next window.
In this window, you will be needed to add all the details related to your store’s location. Once done, click on continue.

Next step is setting up Taxes, shipping and everything related to it and hence it totally depends on your choices. Once you figure out everything, click on Continue.
Now it’s time to set up the methods you are going to accept payment through. You can choose from different modes of payment such as PayPal, payment from Check, bank transfers(NEFT), or Cash on delivery depending upon your requirements and Ease of availability.
Click on continue when you are done setting up payment methods. Now you will get a confirmation screen to check if everything went correct, after checking everything clicks on Confirm.
Bingo! Your E-commerce store is ready to rock and you can now add your products from products section in the WordPress dashboard. Here you can create both the Homepage and Separate Product pages.
I hope I have covered everything in this article and now it’s your turn to rock the Internet Market. If you are facing difficulties, in the beginning, don’t worry you will become a pro with practice ☺ .

Hello, I am Abhishek Yadav, I am an Internet Marketer and a Blogger. along with blogging I also have some Programming and content marketing skills. Connect with me on Twitter @Abhinemm to know more about me :)

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