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How to Keep Your Facebook Account Safe and Secure From Hackers?



Facebook is used by billions of users to send and receive information from their families and friends. A majority of users use it on a regular basis to share some secret and sensitive information as well. In order to misuse such information, many  people with malicious intent devise several methods to gain access to the accounts of such person. These people are commonly known as hackers. A majority of the hackers  targets a newbie, they explore the internet to hack  the unsecured accounts. But,  in some cases the experienced hackers devise some complex methodologies to hack the accounts.

Steps to keep your Facebook account safe and secure:

As per a new report by Facebook, about 60,000 Facebook accounts are breached daily. Hence, it becomes quite necessary to make sure that your account remains safe and secure from such attacks. Security of the Facebook account can be ensured, if you just go through some of the methods mentioned below:

· Prohibit yourself from clicking on suspicious links:

Many phishing websites are available nowadays. These ask you to enter your account information, which is then sent to the hackers. This information can then be used to fulfill their malicious intent. Make sure that you verify the identity of the website and check, if the connections to the website are secure. It is advised to always browse the HTTPS version of the website. You must not click on any suspicious links in the Email messages or other websites that ask you to enter the password.

· Do not visit the website if your browser warns you:

Nowadays, the browsers have many security features enabled into them. This is done to enhance your user experience and safeguard your account. It displays some security messages that need to be followed, whenever you try to visit an unsecured website. Make sure that you do as you are asked to do in these messages, otherwise you may fall a victim to security threats and your account may be hacked.

· Keep strong and unique passwords:

It is advised that you use strong and unique passwords to safeguard your account. This ensures that even if the hackers use the password cracker algorithms to hack the account, they don’t  be successful. Also, such passwords should be used which cannot be guessed by the hackers easily. If possible make use of the special characters along with the alphanumeric characters for your password. Make sure that you do not use the same password on other platforms. This ensures that your password of Facebook remains safe even, if the password of other accounts is hacked.

· Do not use Facebook on Public computers or use public Wi-Fi:

Using Facebook on public computers or through public Wi-Fi is a major factor of Facebook attacks. Most of these have snooping software and key loggers installed on their devices. These may turn you into an easy target for the attack. Do not share your password with the others. Remember to logout from the devices, after you have completed the tasks.

· Install good Antivirus Software:

It is advised that you install good antivirus software for your device. If you use multiple devices to access your account, install it on all the devices. It will help you with all the security features that will help you to secure your Facebook account. Make sure that you keep the antivirus software updated. This will make sure that your Facebook account remains safe and secure at all times.

Using the above mentioned steps, you can make sure that your Facebook account remains safe from hackers. This ensures that the data you shared is not used by any other users with malicious intent.

Angela George is a passionate author from who has knowledge about Social Media features and its implementation. Her writing can help users to resolve any kind of Social Media problems without any delay.



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