Safewiper For Android Review: If you use an Android phone, you must be using it a lot for clicking photos, listening to music, watching videos, and sending personal messages to friends through instant messaging. All this data are stored in your phone memory. While this is wonderful for enjoying the Android features of a phone, it creates a problem when you have the backup of data stored on the phone. Some of the data like messages, photos and videos are personal that you won’t like anyone else to read or see it. If you wish to sell the phone or gift it away, you may want to delete the data so that the other person cannot get access to your private stuff. Deleting the data manually or by any other method is not reliable as the data can be recovered by the software. Thus, we need a strong data wiper system or software that ensures that the deleted data is not recoverable. You can use the Safewiper For Android software for this purpose.  

SafeWiper for Android Introduction

The Safewiper For Android (Windows Version) helps in erasing the phone data with the help of strong algorithms. it doesn’t leave any trace of data that can be recovered. The data is erased permanently. No expert, hacker or computer professional is able to recover the data by any means. The Software has three options for erasing the data. You can erase the complete data, private data, and the app data. Choose any of these modes as per your requirement. You can take a backup in case you need a data for later use. Once you erase the data, you may not be able to get it back so, save it elsewhere if want it.

How Does SafeWiper for Android Work?

Using the Safewiper for Android is easy. Download the program on your Windows computer and install it. You can download it on Mac computer also. Connect the phone USB cable to the computer. You might see a failure message when the program is not detected by the PC. If this happens, you need to allow the debugging. For this, open the settings and click on developer option and click on USB debugging to check it. This works for Android 3.0-4.1. For the latest Android 4.2, or higher, open the About Phone in the Settings. Touch on build number continuously till you get the developer mode. After that, open the settings and click on developer options and click on USB debugging to check it. Confirm to install the APK file and do not end till it is installed. After that, proceed with erasing the data with the following steps.  

Safewiper For Android Review

Erase All Data

Use the Erase All Data feature to clean your phone of the entire data irrespective of location and type. This ensures deleting of data not removed by a factory reset. Open the software and select the Erase All Data feature. Confirm by clicking on Erase Now. A window will open asking you to type “Erase” manually. After you do this, you need to select middle-security levels in the next step of selecting the security levels from high, medium and low. After this, the entire data from the phone will be deleted and the phone will restart.

Safewiper For Android Review

Erase Private Data

After connecting the phone to the computer, open the Safewiper for Android program. You need to select the Erase Private Data feature. Scanning will start that will analyze your private data and show it on the left side.

This includes data like messages, call history and photos. Multimedia messages like audio and video will be scanned. Select the particular data type you need to delete. Select the middle-security level in the next step. The process of deleting the data will start and the phone will be new with all your private data removed without any traces.

Safewiper For Android Review

Erase App Data

If you want to delete the app data on your phone, use the Erase App Data feature. Connect the smartphone to your computer. Open the Safewiper for Androids program and click on Erase App Data. Scanning of chat history in Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber and other apps along with photos and other app data will start. The downloaded files will also be scanned. After the scanning is finished, click on Erase button. This deletes your app data on your phone so that no one can gain access to anything on your apps.

Safewiper For Android Review


Safewiper For Android is a powerful data-wiping app that guarantees that the data on the phone is deleted without any chance of recovery. It scans your phone and destroys the data to protect your private information from leaking out to unknown persons. The software makes your phone safe and makes sure all the personal data is no longer recoverable. This software is reviewed and rated by countless people and they have all approved it as the best data eraser ever.