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Rockville RPG122K Power Speakers Review



We all like dancing to the tune of good music. Regardless of the music genre that you are listening to, it is obvious that you would want to get every word and feel the beat that is coming from the music.

This can be possible only if you get good speakers. One of the speakers that you should consider getting is Rockville RPG122K.

So, what can we say about these powered loudspeakers for live sound. Are they worth the investment? What are their specifications? To answer these questions, here is a complete review of this model.

About the Product

Rockville RPG122K is an all-in-one PA speaker system that can be used for small parties at homes such as birthdays and anniversaries. The system is fully capable of producing a high-quality sound that can be heard and appreciated by everyone in the vicinity.


The speakers give you full control over the type of sound that you would like to listen to. It comes with stands and hence you will have an easy time handling them.

The system comprises of two 12-inch audio speakers that have an output power of 1000 Watts. The master active speaker of the system has a built-in amplifier. The passive speaker derives its power from the active speaker.

The speaker system boasts of a powerful Bluetooth connectivity. It also has a USB and SD card input ports. RPG 122K speakers have 30oz woofers. The powerful aluminum voice coils, magnet, and the tweeters have Piezo crystal compression horns help to deliver quality sound from each speaker.

The Clip LED indicator on the system can help you control the system to avoid distortion of sound. The system features the bass and treble controls. You can customize the sound based on your preference.


  • Built to last: Rockville powered speakers are built of strong ABS materials that can stand a test of time. The materials cannot break easily unless you handle them violently.
  • High-quality sound: With 1000 watts of peak power and 250 watts of RMS, you should expect to get a clear and quality sound that will blow your mind away.
  • Easy to control: The built-in amplifier in the speakers gives users power to control the music. This feature is enhanced by woofer that can be used to give out the required bass.
  • A wide range of connectivity: The speakers have a wide range of connection options. You can use the built-in Bluetooth feature to connect the speakers to other devices such as a phone. The speakers have USB input for USB connections.
  • No sound distortion even at high volumes.
  • Unique and stylish design that you will love.
  • Built-in radio offers an extra form of entertainment.
  • The wireless remote makes it easy to control the operations of the speakers with ease.
  • The presence of LED indicators makes the control feature of the system to be more interactive when it comes to controlling its performance. You can clearly see the settings when adjusting key the feature features.
  • Compact and light hence easy to transport.


  • The stands seem to be hurriedly designed and built.
  • The mids from the speakers are not ideal for the electronic music genre.


A party without a speaker will be boring. This is an ideal model that can get your party moving. Its physical and electrical features make it perfect for the live music gigs, DJ functions, and even karaoke.


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