Writing About Technology of the Future: Revolution in Medicine


Sometimes it would be better if scientists used the time spent on creating another new iPhone to invent something really useful. For example, the cure for such fatal diseases like cancer.

Every year thousands of people all over the world die from awful maladies. And I must say they seem to get even more threatening than at the time I was a student. I asked my college mates to help me write my paper for me and got loads of materials on the topic. So, I must admit that the statistics leave much to be desired.

But modern science and technology can save us!

Revolutionary Solution

It should be mentioned that scientists have already started researching and that they are making progress, predicting that the life expectancy will only become higher. In that case, their idea is not connected with the medicine, vaccination, or chemotherapy. It is much more revolutionary – robots will make all our health problems vanish magically. This project was started several years ago, and we will see its first result just in ten years.

An Advanced Version

Now the researchers are thinking about something more advanced that will have more functions and abilities. This is all about nanorobots that will enter the human organism and take care of the health problems.

The main problem of medicine now is that viruses are always changing and mutating, so the vaccines of the past are no longer effective to help our organisms fight against new forms of viruses. But no virus can adapt to the nanorobot, and that is the first benefit of this invention. An advanced nanorobot can create any substance or material, even the ones needed for human skin, organs, cells, and so on.

How Does It Work?

First of all, such robot can heal wounds and injuries by providing an affected area with the necessary resources to regenerate. It is hard to believe, but if a person loses a limb, nanorobots can create a new one.

But the most incredible thing, which nanorobots can give to humankind, is eternal youth. How is it possible?

Nano-robots will create DNA, so people will not be affected by harmful environments anymore. Oncological and genetic diseases will not even exist. There will be no disabled people, and human system of values will change a lot.

There is a remarkable reason for that – an average person will live much longer than just 70 years. Traveling to other planets will also become possible because the gravitation might not have a big influence on human’s health anymore.

The people of future will travel to the outer space and not just to across solar system because they will not be afraid of spending 100 years of their life on just one trip.

Can It Be Harmful?

All that sounds like an ideal life, but nanorobots can also cause some huge problems on the Earth. A nanorobot can be programmed for creating its copy, and it will do it endlessly and extremely fast. In order to create anything this robot needs material, so there is a danger that these robots will everything we have on the Earth.

Scientists say that just in 10 hours one robot would be able to create 68 million copies. In 2 days, their weight would become more than the weight of the planet. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? So, it’s important to control who, where, and how uses nanorobots so the worst doesn’t happen.

We need to program them for helping and healing us and carefully check whether they do it well.

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