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How to recall a sent message on WhatsApp?



WhatsApp is the second biggest social media worldwide after Facebook, and fortunately, WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook itself. Not only wishes and jokes, but people also exchange many educational messages as well.

It has become a way to be connected with your loved ones. After Facebook bought WhatsApp, it went through many minor and major changes. You might be well aware that very soon they will come up with the feature of recalling messages even after the receiver has read that.

But as you know we geek never stop being a step ahead of the regular public, so we got the trick with which you can recall your messages on WhatsApp after you have sent it.

What is meant by recalling a message?

Let us make this clear with an example. Suppose that you are A, and you are chatting with B and C simultaneously. Suddenly you got a joke, and you thought of sending it to B but by mistake sent it to C.

So now you have nothing to do in case it creates some problem by if C reads that joke. However, there’s nothing to worry about, as you can recall that message with ease. The text displayed on the receiver screen will be like this, ‘This message was deleted.’

And you will see this text, ‘This message was recalled.’ In this way, the message that you sent will be deleted from sender and receiver’s phone as well. So, in case you are in trouble like A, the problem can be solved with ease in seconds.

How to recall a sent message on WhatsApp?

Recalling some message is not a big deal, but the thing is that WhatsApp has still not revealed this feature and it is under testing. You won’t even find this in the latest Beta version of WhatsApp apk available in Play Store.

Well, need not worry about that, as we have got a solution with some additional surprises as well. If you are a tech enthusiast then this term would be familiar to you – ‘Modified apk versions.’

Some developers make the modified version of too many different apps available on Play Store. Likewise, the GBMods team made the GBWhatsApp that has become the most popular mod of WhatsApp since last year.

In case you don’t know anything about it here’s brief description about GBMods and GBWhatsApp.

What is GBWhatsApp?

A team of developers made the GBWhatsApp loaded with some features like Themes, Hiding Blue Ticks, Hiding Double Ticks, etc. that may or may not be available in WhatsApp even after years, but they have it since so long.

Apart from this, they always try to include the features that WhatsApp is still testing and make them available to the common public. The developer team keeps it updated with time, and you will receive the notification for updating the app.

As these mods are not available on Google Play Store, you need to download it from below link. You can also check out their other modified applications.

Follow steps to install and use GBWhatsApp.


Firstly, download GbWhatsApp apk for Android.


When you are done, make sure to take back up of chats from original WhatsApp so that you can back up them on the GBWhatsApp application.


Uninstall the apk of WhatsApp and install GBWhatsApp apk just like any other application.


Register with the phone number with which you use WhatsApp and then back up your chats.

Now you are done and have successfully installed and registered on GBWhatsApp.
You can use this just like simple WhatsApp.

The only difference is with the extra features that it offers to you. Recently they released the feature of recalling of any message even after the receiver has read it.

Recalling a whatsapp message

Just consider an example like I sent ‘I Love You’ to my friend instead of my girlfriend, and now I want to recall, to do that follow the steps as given below.


Select the message


Just tap on three dots on the top right corner


Tap on ‘Recall’ and then click on Ok.’


Voila! You are done, the message has been deleted from WhatsApp’s server, and none of you can see it.


Q. Is it safe to use GBWhatsApp?

A. It is entirely safe to use this mod as it uses the same server of Whatsapp and so your messages are completely secure, and you need not worry about that.

Q. Is it necessary to uninstall original WhatsApp apk?

A. Nope! You can always use two different WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on the same device using the GBWhatsApp.

Q. Will the message be deleted from sender’s side as well?

A. Yes, as we have mentioned above that the message will be deleted from WhatsApp’s server so none of you will be able to see the message and it’ll be removed permanently from both sides.

Q. Do we need to uninstall the old version of apk of GBWhatsApp before installing a new version?

A. Nope! You can directly download the new version of GBWhatsApp when it is available and direct install it over the previous one to update the application.

Final Words

The original WhatsApp always comes up with a lot of many features after each major update, but it takes lots of time to update the application from Beta to the stable version. And for all this long process you need to wait unnecessarily.

However, now you will be free of tension as GBWhatsApp will provide you with all those features and even you have the magical function of recalling the sent messages on your WhatsApp. So what are you waiting for? Prank your friends with this feature and share your funny incidents with us in the comment section below.

Hello, I am Abhishek Yadav, I am an Internet Marketer and a Blogger. along with blogging I also have some Programming and content marketing skills. Connect with me on Twitter @Abhinemm to know more about me :)

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