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Quiklo Review – Analyzing the Top Features & Benefits



In today’s time where the budgets of students or young professionals is too tight to spend on something else as most of the money they earn or gets as pocket money are spent on college projects and for other educational purposes. To help students to buy the products they love, a bunch of IITians have developed Quiklo, an app that offers some of the best products on EMI. Let’s learn more about this amazing app and its features which will make you want to try it. The app is completely free to use so there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to try it out.

Features of Quiklo App

Following are some of the best features that Quiklo comes with along with providing EMI without a credit card.

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Monthly Installments

When one intends to buy high end mobile phones, laptops, DSLR cameras, or any other high tech gadgets but lacks in funds, it becomes nearly impossible for students to bring home these wonderful products. Also, many of us wish to purchase these products from their hard earned money and do not like to demand these gadgets from our parents.

But here’s where the problem comes in the picture, we college students, although practicing internship or a full time job can’t afford to pay 40-50 thousand rupees for a high tech and valuable phone like an iPhone as our pay salary does not allow to spend so much at one go. To tackle this problem faced by youths, mostly college students, Quiklo team has come up with monthly installments in which you can pay the whole sum in small instalments throughout the year depending on the plan you selected. So now you if you wish to buy your desired iPhonemobile on EMI without credit card, then you know where to go.

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Highly Flexible

Not every app will provide the kind of flexibility which Quiklo comes with. If you are looking for feature packed laptops on EMI without credit card on Quiklo app but unsure about its authenticity and flexibility, leave back your worries and doubts as we assure you of Quklo’s quality and easy to access techniques that makes your process easier and less time-consuming.

Also, you can trust the app everything as the team at Quiklo believes in complete transparency with their customers and it will also help you in the long run. So when purchasing a product from their app, need not worry about any additional cost printed on your bill other than product charges. It also features loan tenure options that allow a customer to choose his/her preferred loan tenure depending on the paying capacity. Due to its high flexibility and complete transparency, Quiklo app has become a top priority among youngsters.

Uses Non Financial Factors

We come across various schemes offered by different companies that promise to provide the best financial assistance in the market. But what Quiklo has to offer is rather surprising. You will be amazed to hear that it provides financial assistance to students by allowing them to apply for loan without the need of any credit history.

The team has developed an alternate credit risk engine that is based on non financial factors. Say for example, you want to buy a mobile on EMI without credit card, the steps involved in doing so is to first select your desired device then fill in the basic details and upload necessary documents. That’s it! The team will approve your request and will ship the device to you. They will also send you loan details that you will have to submit on monthly basis.

The Last Words

These mind blowing features allows you to buy mobile phones, DSLR cameras, wearable smartwatches and laptops on EMI without credit card in a convenient way. Quiklo app is not only fast but also a reliable option for college students. Though the app is currently restricted to Bangalore college students but it will soon for all the students from all over India as well across the globe. These features are sure to lure you into if you are wishing of buying any expensive product in the future and want to pay it off with EMI.

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