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Pokemon Go is the one of the most revolutionary mobiel games of the century so far. The games developed by Niantic a couple of years ago on the superhit television animated series Pokemon was an instant hit because it connected people back to a precious childhood memory, and also because it was an Augmented Reality game, especially one of its kind, something like which no one has ever thought of before.

Within a month or so of its release the game had hundreds of millions of downloads all over the world, even though it was available only in a few selected countries. The game was actually a game-changer in every sense of the word. So if you’re reading this, you definitely know about the game.

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So far so good, the game was fun and interesting to play, but there were lots of limitations to having unlimited fun. For starters, it wasn’t easy to catch Pokemon because you literally had to keep roaming everywhere in search of them to actually find them. But, the internet had an answer – Pokemon Go Map trackers like Pokevision. Even when it was revoked, there are still.

Lot of actually working pokevision alternatives that are even better and more functional. Then, there was another problem, the game was not available everywhere, and even if you somehow got it on your phone, you would have difficulties in finding Pokemon’s around you. The internet had another answer, faking GPS locations. But, there’s one problem not a lot of people have figured out how to solve yet – getting Pokecoins.

Until recently, there were only the highly legal and default ways to earn pokecoins that were known to people – either play hard in the game and keep earning them by winning, or by buying them with real money from Playstore.

After a while, people figured out two more legal in-game ways to win free coins – By getting Pokecoins in the gyms, and by using gift cards from Playstore or iTunes. But still, using any of these ways, you can only get limited Pokecoins, which, as you know, get spent before you know it while you’re busy trying to ‘catch ’em all!’.

So it was high time the Internet found another solution to this immensely troubling problem. And like always, it did. The solution is Free PokeCoin generators. However, Pokecoin generators gained a very bad rep very soon, because real generators are very rare, and most of them available on the internet are fake ones that assure you you will get unlimited projections after you finish a survey or download an app or do human verification, which is annoying because even after doing that you don’t get any free pokecoins while the developers of these fake generators make money off your innocence and your wasted time and efforts.

So today we’re going to share with you an actually working genuine Projections generator, that will give you unlimited free coins, without any annoying human verification or any of that bullsh*t. But, before you start using it, beware. Pokemon Go keeps a regular track of its users and analytics and player data, so if a lot of users start using the same hack or trick to get ahead in the game, they get ro know it and they make sure that it is evicted from the game. What’s even more horrifying is, that they might even ban you from the game temporarily, or in very very rare cases, permanently. So, we would advice using this only for yourself and not sharing it a lot, so you can keep using it repeatedly. Click on the link below to use the unlimited PokeCoins generator and enjoy!

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