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How to Play Crusader Kings 2 Efficiently



If you love playing grand strategy games like Age of Empires, you should check out Crusader Kings franchise. However as most favourite games, its second instalment, Crusader Kings 2 is better and expands over its predecessor. So I recommend you play the second episode. If you love the Medieval Period piece and expanding your Kingdom and Dynasties through the strategic use of War, Marriage, and Assassination, believe me, this is the game for you!

As a player, you should control any medieval dynasty from the year 1066 AD to 1453 AD. You should achieve many prestige and piety points as possible to shine and surpass many popular then European Dynasties. You can play this game until the year 1453 unless your dynasty ends without an heir in the middle. Sounds perfect right? Read below to know the best possible tips to play this game efficiently.

Choose Marriage Partners Wisely:

This is one of the most awesome things to do in this match. Choose the partner with good skills and a modest opinion of you. The children will inherit many traits from the parents such as skills, religion, and culture. If you choose a spouse from a powerful dynasty, that will build up the temporary alliance and can be useful in wars.

This can also be the opposite. If you send your daughter to another house which has been consistently in a war, you have to fight that war. If you don’t, you will lose your prestige points. So, be wary of the marriage in both ways.

Start Your Game In Ireland:

If you are a learner and don’t want trouble too early, you should start in Ireland. That is a small island which is independent and separated enough from emperors and will be somewhat easy to conquer.

This step will also allow you to understand the game better. Becoming the king of Ireland is reasonable in short time.

Be Familiar with Your Vassals:

Vassals in this game allow you some advantages. If you have a vassal from the beginning, don’t remove them as they will be useful later on. If you are crossing the maximum demesne size, the limit of the territories you can hold, you should pass them to your trusted vassals.

For that, you should be familiar with them from the beginning. Make sure you know how your decisions change their opinions of you and make those things that get them support you.

Plan A War Strategically:

Waging war will be difficult if you don’t have a strategy. If you want to start a war, try them on any of the Muslim territories. They will fight hard and may drive you out, but they won’t invade your home territory. Proper use of ck2 console commands ease your time in making war strategy.

You can practice waging wars on them. Also, you could use Spain for casual warfare at the beginning of the game. But don’t ever start a war against Holy Roman Empire. That is one war you can never win quickly!

Make Sure You Save Some Money for War

War will be costly in the game. When you start a war or defending an invasion, your treasury will keep on draining. But if you wish to end a war quickly, you could hire mercenaries. Their troops are so powerful that with their help, you could finish a war in a matter of weeks which would have taken months.

But also you should note that mercenaries take a significant amount of sum to get hired and also you should pay them continuously during war time. Best thing to do is while you are free from war, disband the forces into other friendly territories. By doing this, you will reduce the costs and can be able to save for the war.

Make Friendship with Nobler Kings than You

Ensure that you have good relations with more powerful and more generous kings than you. The best thing to do is make a friendship with Pope so that when needed, you can excommunicate your enemy.

This will also allow you to get more troops in the war and will give you far powerful friends. But also you should take part in the crusades to maintain his trust. So, that goes both ways!

Focus On Your Bloodline:

This is very important in this game. More than taking over and waging war, you should make sure your bloodline lives out. With ever expanding of your family, you should take care of the children.

The best thing to do is raise one or two of your eldest sons or daughter yourself and send the remaining to other courtiers that are available. But also you should note that by doing that you may lose control of them, and they can develop negative traits. Or you can find someone with positive attributes you want so that they may influence your heir.

With the above tips, you can play this game more efficiently than you thought you could! So, what are you still waiting for?!

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