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How Pinngle is working in restricted countries



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Confirming to Aragil Digital Marketing Agency, in the application store of your mobile phone all messaging apps has different usability level. An application may be popular in a number of countries and not recognized in other countries, why this happens? Many applications have region locked filter, restricted by geographical location and are only available in some countries.

Among restricted countries quite often we meet problems with communication. Population of those countries are spread all around the world and the problem of connection between them and motherland has always been actual till these days.

In order an app was famous it should have high level of availability without supplemental effort for any person who wants to use it.

Quiet recently the app market of Android and iOS got one more messaging application Pinngle, which has promptly gained top place among users. Pinngle application is not only a wonderful messenger with all necessary tools but also a method of communication between blocked countries.

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The Pinngle is equipped with quick easy and user friendly interface for chatting. Your all contacts will be transferred into Pinngle without much effort. If you need to call someone and he/she doesn’t have Pinngle it is not a problem, simply dial the number and call that person, using Pinngle-out.

Unlike other applications Pinngle-out may work on credits. You don’t have to pay for them, only install and play some games, watch short videos and spin the roulette. Pinngle Credits are the way to make free international calls to any phone type, even landlines. It has very low battery usage and saves the charge of your mobile without warming it. Being on a place with slow internet traffic will not loss the quality of connection and disturb your conversation with relatives and friends.

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With only a few clicks you instantly teleport to another country and feel like standing next to your friend talking to him. Travel the sea, mountain other place, wherever you are and call to person, have joyful chat and share best moments of your life in few seconds without restrictions.

If you still don’t have Pinngle, download it for Android and iOS now!

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