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While using the Openload.com from Kodi for streaming movies you may or may not have seen a pop-up message saying, ‘To play this video, authorization is required. Visit the link below to authorize the devices on your network: https://openload.co/pair then click Pair’ It is not much difficult to solve this error but you should know the right way to solve it, so we have got for you the solution for your problem. In this post, I’ll let you know how to solve Koi Openload Pair Stream Authorization.

The message may or may not be same for us. The message may be displayed like this as well: ‘To play this video, authorization is required. Visit the link below to authorize the devices on your network: https://olpair.com then click Pair’. But don’t worry as both of them are same warnings and nothing else. As both of the links direct you to the same page so they are the same.

The solution to solve this error pop up message has been created by us and we are going to share it with you, so you don’t face any kinds of problem. Also, all your doubts will be clear after reading the article below.

What is Kodi Openload or Olpair pair stream authorization?

For accessing the free service of Openload Pairing you to first register and pair the stream authorization, or commonly known as device pairing. In this process, they register your device’s IP address on your server before you use any of their services. For this, they have claimed only two reasons so far.

First reason behind this is to limit the unauthorized access and leak of any data or bandwidth from their services. Because there are a few people who misuse free services and even makes money from it. It also enhances the user experience, free of buffering and lags free as well.

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The second reason behind this is monetization. They want you to visit their site’s pages again and again as the ads are displayed there that help them generate the revenue. This makes a clear vision of understanding and friendship for Openload to maintain their servers and keep you updated with the latest movies.

Well, it is clear from the above two reasons why they provide one of the best user experience and fast and lag-free servers. Their fast servers guarantee you for best ever speed and user experience. On an average, the authorization takes only about 15 seconds and then lasts for next 4 hours so you won’t be in trouble for just 15 seconds as you are getting free services 😉

Hot to Solve Kodi Openload Pair Stream Authorization

There are certain steps that you should follow one after the other very carefully to pair device’s IP authorization. Follow the steps given below to be out of this trouble:

1. Open your web browser and go to any one of these links: (all of them will take you to the same page)

2. Solve the captcha challenge that will pop up before you can register.

3. Now click on the ‘Tap’ button just below the captcha.

4. Once done you will be redirected to a new page saying, ‘You are able to stream movies from Openload with 3rd party applications.’

5. At last, come back to the Kodi page and select some movie by tapping on it.

6. This time it will be played without any trouble. Enjoy your favorite movies on Openload without any troubles like pop-ups, etc.

7. This authorization will last only for 4 hours so after that, in case, the window pops up then repeat the same steps and enjoy watching your favorite movies.

Note: In case you are using some free or paid VPN services then you need to pair separately for the server you will be connected with at that particular span of time.

 What if I’m using Amazon Fire Stick or any TV Box?

The Amazon Fire Stick or any other box won’t let you directly visit the Openload site because it might be a pain in the ass to type using them. But don’t worry I’m sure that your TV will be surely connected to the Wi-Fi network that you use at your home and the same implies to your TV Box or Amazon Fire Stick so all of them will have the same IP address, that is a unique and single IP address for all devices connected to your Wi-Fi connection.

This implies that your PC or Laptop or Phone or Mac is definitely connected to the same Wi-Fi. So just open the browser on any of these four devices of your and follow the same steps to pair the devices connected to that IP address. You won’t see that irritating pop-up message for at least next 4 hours. So you will be easily connected to Openload’s server for streaming movies without any trouble.

Note: In case you are using some free or paid VPN services then you need to pair separately for the server you will be connected with at that particular span of time.

 Final Verdict

Openload from Kodi requires you to register the IP address of your device to run smoothly and perfectly without trouble. With this, they could provide you the best ever user experience of streaming movies online. The registration of device is necessary for only two reasons that we have discussed in this article. So don’t take it as a problem for you, as it benefits all of us.

The error solving method that we have described step by step is easy af. So without facing any major problems go enjoy your favorite movies on Openload from Kodi. Also, do let us know about your favorite movies that you have watched it. And in case you face any problem regarding this issue contact us or comment down in the comment section below. We will try to solve them as soon as possible. Happy Streaming

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