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How does an online food ordering app work?



Online food ordering system is quite simple, easy and quick. With the advent of working professionals in urban communities, the culture to order food online has emerged strong. Many food joints have adapted to order food online by integrating online food ordering system into their logistics to increase sales. It also helps them to survive and beat the competition. This trend to order food online is popular across India. Order food online in Mumbai, Hyderabad or Bangalore, you will be served with the same promptness.

What is online food ordering? It’s a systematic procedure followed by a customer to place a food order from a local restaurant or food joint through their website or app. It’s quite similar to ordering consumer goods online. Customers register themselves by creating their accounts to place orders frequently. It starts with downloading the food app from play store or apple store. Then a customer search for a local restaurant to get his/her favorite cuisine.

How to decide which app to download from the store? There are hundreds of apps on food. It’s difficult for the customer to choose a particular app. Google store or Apple store gives you apps with highest ratings and most number of downloads. For instance, Freshmenu is an emerging app with a 4.3-star rating on Google play store. More than fourteen thousand people have given this rating. Till now half a million customers downloaded Freshmenu. It’s a superb app on food to go for.

Let’s just the consider the case of a customer’s order. Once a customer goes through the app it starts with searching location with google maps. The customer simply puts the zip code to find the restaurants that can deliver to his/her address. With Geolocation the app detects the customers address to drop down the list of all the restaurants in the city nearby.

An advertisement about the brand features its specialties. It is seen as soon as a customer opens a food app. For instance, apps promise to make a delivery within half an hour to 45 minutes. They have figured out a way to ensure that even an order food online in Mumbai can get delivered within 45 minutes. time.

Usually, popular restaurants are listed first in the table with decent reviews and ratings. The search for restaurants usually happens through Ajax search filter. It also helps the customers to search for a restaurant quickly. Many filters can be applied depending on the ratings, reviews, and price bar. Once filters are applied it drops down all the restaurants that fit into the criteria. A title is given to every category on menu listing. This makes it more user-friendly by including items that specify categories like drinks, healthy food, snacks etc. Customers can click on a particular category as they can see only drinks or food which they have selected for.

Once a customer chooses a particular cuisine from a restaurant then it goes into the cart. A cart is a space where all the orders are kept for payment and delivery. A user can edit his/her order anytime in the cart. Necessary changes are made. Now it’s ready for payment. There are many payment options and gateways available for customers. Cash on delivery is also included. With all these simple features, it is super comfortable and easy to order food online.

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