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What are the Newest Technologies in Luxurious Cars?



There was a time when luxurious in cars meant having a fantastic interior and a powerful engine under the bonnet. The inside offered extra features that made the ride more comfortable and the engine allowed you to leave miles behind in no time.

Well, the luxurious cars nowadays still follow the idea of extra comfort and powerful engines, but they also embraced the new technology wave and try to offer lots of cool features. However, the new tech is not always affordable and crazy modern features also jack up the price of the car. So is it worth it?

We listed the most common new technologies that can be found in luxurious cars so you can decide for yourself.

GPS connected with Temperature Control

With this piece of technology, the GPS system tells the car climate control which sides need more cooling. This way, the sunnier sides of the car are kept just as cool as the ones in the shade, offering a constant temperature.

While it may sound a bit futuristic, the GPS-linked temperature control system is available in Acura TL sedan cars starting with 2012 so it’s already old news on the market. In terms of usability, we don’t really see the necessity, but if you like the idea, it shouldn’t be too expensive.

Advanced Infotainment Features

The infotainment unit is your main control panel in the car and car producers focused most of their efforts to make it as easy to use and efficient as possible. This is why, in most modern cars, you can use your phone to control the car with systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Driver Assistance Systems

Besides making the best infotainment unit possible, the newest craze in auto technology is the driver assistance. Actually, the dream is to create the self-driving car that doesn’t need a pilot, and which will completely eliminate accidents and traffic jams.

There are several teams working on this project right now, but Tesla is the only team that got close enough. If it succeeds, the technology is worth all the money as it promises a brighter future for drivers.

Back-up Camera Systems

Right now, there is a cool back-up camera system that can be implemented on any care, but most luxurious cars support this feature. The idea behind this is that the driver can see around the car when in reverse or parking.

The tech is extremely useful for beginners and people who are not that skilled at driving and helps a lot, especially with big cars. So yes, it is worth to ask for this feature to be on your car when you buy it.

Design Elements

These vary from one model to another and are small touches that make the car more unique and desirable. From smart LEDs to automatic wipers, to an integrated Bluetooth communication system, everything can go.

If you want to personalize your car even more, you can always choose a set of personalised reg plates that represents you. These are very popular all across the UK and many people like them simply because it allows them to stand out of the crowd. Private plates can also be used to promote a personal brand or a business and they go amazing with a luxurious, brand new car.

Lots of Sensors

These go hand-in-hand with the self-driving system, but support some other functional systems such as automatic emergency brake, pedestrian detection, lane departure alert, and/or automatic high-beam headlights. While all these features are not necessary per se, they are welcome as they make driving easier and a lot more fun.

Even more, the world of car sensors doesn’t stop at the ones we mentioned above. There are many more that are designed to transform the driving experience and make our roads a better, safer place.

WiFi Communication

Yes Bluetooth is cool when it comes to controlling the music and answering calls, but for the rest of your passengers, it may not be so interesting. This is why some of the modern luxurious cars can support a WiFi hotspot that allows everyone to use their phone regardless of cell signal coverage. It makes the job easier for the driver as well since everyone will be focused on their phones and not engaged in silly conversations that distract the focus from driving.

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