Do You Need a VPN while Browsing at your Home?


There is a lot of buzz about VPN on the web and almost all suggest using it for the privacy reasons. But what about your home Should you also use VPN while you are browsing in your home environment or not? This is basically a good question and in this topic, we will discuss the sameUsually, we do some mistakes while browsing online which is not limited to the ISP. There are many companies who pays millions to get such data. And so, you should take proper precautions no matter in which area you work for. Again, there are many laws which enable such things like in the US, ISPs can sell your entire web browsing history to literally anyone without your permission.

So now as your data may be sold to any company and these companies can use those data for their business. Some use it for the personal behavior identification based on which they target their customer.Looking at all these circumstances, it has become necessary to use VPN no matter in which area you are working. But before buying or using any VPN, you are recommended to check their reviews at Anonymster.

What Can happen if your data is leaked?

You might be thinking, what all things can be done if the data is exposed from ISP. Let’s see some scenarios over here.

  • The data can be sold to any company who are looking and working on the personal behavior of the customers.
  • Depending on your searches, they can start targeting you
  • Can inject malware related ads and can inject the traffic
  • Can drop undetected cookies to your browser and track the activities

And there can be a number of such things that can be done if someone has the history of what you do online.

How to get over these?

So far, we have discussed the issues and in this section, we will see the possible solutions. Here are some precautions you should make to avoid such kind of online attacks.

  1. Use HTTPS

HTTPS ensures that the data transmission between any parties is transmitted ensuring encryption. So, if someone will try to get into that data as well, they will fail as the data is encrypted.

  1. Use VPN

Although there are many best VPN service providers and it becomes hard to finalize which one you should follow. But it completely depends on your requirements and the amount you want to spend.

You can start with some low cost and highly secured VPN and test those for few days before moving to others.Also, if you don’t want to spend on this, another solution is browser based VPN. If you are using Opera then the VPN and ad blocker facilities are auto available. These things will ensure that you are not making your data public while browsing.

  1. Don’t connect to untrusted network

Once you will switch on your wi-fi network, you will find many open wi-fi networks available. But you should not try to connect with any. Connect to the reliable source only so that you won’t get hacked.There are many other similar precautions you should apply to keep yourself secure while browsing online.


We started with the topic to discuss if we should use VPN while browsing in the home network and after discussing so much, we can say that yes, we should use.

Online privacy is hard to maintain but we should do whatever best we can for our use. You should use VPN, maintain the privacy and should not follow the untrusted sites to keep yourself secure from any online threat.


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