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NBA 2K18: 5 My Career tips to quickly boost your attributes



Today in this post i am going to share you the 5 best tips and which you can use in your My Career Strategy to quickly boost your attributes and get the most out of it.

NBA 2K18 Tips

1. Every Position has a limit for certain special attributes, so you should know this before you choose your player in your My Career. You can’t get the best player with dunk rating. You can try and work on this attributes, but they can’t be as good as the player who have a suitable and stable attribute.

2. The second thing you should know about the Body Size and shape because, A small PG is going to be fast and lean but will be lacking in strength and agility, which will make you hard to defend and oppose the opponents move who is more bigger and stronger than him. A C with small wingspan is not going to be that much efficient as a rebounder than a C with very long wingspan by the way you will be informed with all this information when you will be creating your own Player. Make sure to check out NBA 2k18 Locker Codes

3. If you are a person who can’t wait and overhyped everytime than you should choose PG, SF or you can also choose SG they will be the best option for you, by this way you can get some more time on this and play around with it. IF you choose CF and PF you are almost in the hand of the guard, although in NBA 2K!8 player are tend to pass Balls to you more time than as compared to older version of the game.

4. If you are a banger and like to hit the boards then you should be in forward or in center or if you are an outsider shooter stay with a guard.

5. Your moves and game won’t change other players move like the previous version of the game so don’t play bad shot forcefully or pass the ball again and again it won’t work. Play safe and simple and there are chances that you might appear in top 10.

Final Verdict

You can use all this 5 tips to improve your stratefy in NBA 2K!8 My Career to quickly boost your attribute which can help you in getting in top 10 easily.

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