5 Top Mobile Application Development Platforms


Using a smartphone feels much more convenient to the modern day users as compared to using a laptop or a computer. Having a website is not enough, and almost every business is looking to have a mobile application of its own. Creating a mobile app is not that tough a job but only if you have the right knowledge, skills, and platform to create a mobile application.

There are tons of platforms available, but some of them are too costly and do not provide all the features that you a developer would need. It is vital that you approach a reliable mobile app development agency. Every developer looks for the best platform and to be able to recommend an excellent platform to the service provider; you must have the right knowledge about the platform.

Among the extensive options, it may be difficult to select a suitable one but don’t worry as we have listed down below five of the top mobile application platform that you can choose from based on your needs.


This platform is an excellent choice when you are required to use a significant amount of local data on the website or when you are required to have an offline mode. The platform runs on .net infrastructure and c# program language. It is a popular platform to make applications in iOS as well as Android operating systems. It is also known to be a steady platform with a fewer amount of bugs compared to other platforms. It supports some third-party services which make using the platform simple.


It is known as an Appcelerator as the primary purpose of the app is to accelerate the development process of application. It supports app developments for all kinds of operating systems, and at the same time, it promotes cross-platform development as well. The platform is an excellent choice when you need to make your app to interact with one or more web services. It has multiple platform-specific features and allows developers to build a reliable website and has a large community of people using it.


Another favorite platform is the PhoneGap which is very popular among developers looking to build cross-platform apps. It is used to make applications that can work on various kinds of mobile devices. What the performance of the apps create on PhoneGap is ultimate, and the platform does not need much skill to build one.


It is an MVC based framework that allows you to build mobile apps in a direct and effective manner. The interface of this app is simple and supports fingertips touch. The app can immensely improve the customer experience and is famous for making apps that are easy to navigate between pages.


Are you looking to create hybrid mobile applications? Then ionic needs to be your choice. It offers easy to use tools and methods to create interactive apps. It is completely open source platform and provides safe and secure application development.

Well, you can always take the help of experts like mobile app development agency. They will guide you, advice you in best interest and moreover help you build a perfect mobile app.

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