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Modern Day Living Room TV Ideas for 2018



TVs are almost an integral part of a living room now; it is accepted that there will be one there. Home automation has given us a variety of ways of handling having a TV in the room, since now we can actively use our technology to move things around and give ourselves more space than we did before.

Modern Day Living Room TV Ideas

TV lifts are the most obvious method of having a TV in the living room, since then you can have the best of both worlds with having a TV, but also with it not taking up too much space. But there is more to a living room than simply a TV lift – so many ideas are coming out now that we have technological and aesthetic choice.

TV Lifts

The original use for actuators was (among other things), to be used in TV lifts. One of the original points of home automation was to make the home more convenient for those living inside it – a TV lift saves a lot of space in a living room, which can eliminate the need for an additional table or piece of floor space.

A TV lift is something which has been there since the beginning of home automation, and it has been upgraded and changed to fit with the changes and advances which are being made in technology as a whole. TV lifts are there to keep surfaces dual-purpose, in the same way that chair lifts and table lifts exist – we have moved beyond the simple reasons for it though, and have moved into keeping the TV in its own nook, and adding some fanfare to the very act of having it coming down (or up) from where it was originally placed in storage.

What a TV lift can also do is make the home more comfortable for everyone who lives in it. What this means is that, where TVs that sit on a table or a cabinet are only available at the one height for people to use, a TV lift, particularly a more modern one, can be changed. Depending on who is watching the TV, they can have the lift come down all the way, or only halfway, so that they can watch a TV which is at a comfortable height for them, no matter what they are doing.

Sliding Doors

A popular method of having your TV in the living room and yet not disrupting any of the lines or designs in the room is to have it in a cabinet. This cabinet used to be solely one which had to be opened by hand, but technology now gives us the opportunity to add ways to have the doors slide open and closed on their own. This still requires a command from us, of course, but it is very different from having to do everything by hand. The doors themselves can be of any material, but they are normally chosen to fit in with the décor which has been chosen for the room at large.

Remote Controls

Remote controls give us a new and improved living room in several ways when it comes to TVs. Remote control of home automation has been nearly commonplace for quite some time now, and in the case of a TV in a living room, this can means that a living room can be set up from a remote location, ready for someone to come home to it, sit down, and watch TV. This can also be used in the case of somebody being in the house, without any idea of how to operate the technology – if they are in contact with someone who can control it remotely, they can still watch TV.

Remote controls also allow for both multi-tasking and greater relaxation, though not at the same time. Remote controls mean that you can have the TV and any other equipment moving into the places you want them while you are at the same time making yourself a sandwich in the kitchen, or picking some drinks out of the fridge. It can also mean that when you simply want to lie in a chair, but also want to watch TV, you still can, as the remote control can let you control everything that is automated, including the TV lift.


Modern day living room ideas where a TV is concerned are usually seen as more of the same as we had before, except more advanced because the technology has become more advanced. There are many different ways that a TV can be incorporated into a living room, with this article only giving a few ideas and examples of what can be done. Hopefully it will give people a starting point, from where they can jump off into new ideas and thoughts on how they want their own home to look, whether it should include TV lifts, or doors, or remotes, or something else entirely.

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