7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python in 2018?


Python is an object-oriented language allowing a programmer to model real-world objects. It is a powerful language used by popular platforms like Youtube and Dropbox. Moreover, Python is applicable in the places where general-programming is needed. Learning the fundamentals of the language is important for programmers that can help them in many ways since it is one of the leading programming languages. One can learn it from an institute or can indulge in online Python tutorials from industry experts. But, before making up your mind, let’s have a look over the value offered by Python language.

1. Suitable For New Recruits

Python is so simple that a beginner can easily start with it. Inspired by English terms in the programming, it reflects concise and expressive nature. One of the best things is its readability that makes it a perfect choice for rookies. Also, this is an interpreted language which allows users to execute instructions directly. So, you don’t have to stuck in any of the code area.

2. Large Community Language

Python is a language which is open-source and has a large community. People involved in the community work rigorously to make it better and more acceptable throughout platforms. When you implement Python in coding, you will be exposed to a large number of modules, packages, and libraries. Thus, it is a great tool towards creating a solid project and making more contribution in the community.

Since we are talking about the Python community, it is required to mention how successful is the community on the social platforms of programming. There are 85.9k followers of the Python community and more than 500k queries have been asked on StackOverflow. Moreover, Python has occupied the 4th place as the most used language at Github.

3. Great Career Opportunities

Most of the career choices are based on the packages associated with them. How will you consider Python if we say it is among the highest paying jobs for developers. Yes, after Swift language, Python and Ruby are the second highest earning development languages in the professional world. Python developers in India can easily make approximately 5 lacs annually with an experience of 4 years.

Besides, one should learn Python as it has application in the field of cybersecurity too. So, join Python tutorials now and stand out from the crowd.

4. Demand in Web Development

Python is highly used in developing web applications. Many frameworks of this language are used in web development like Pylons, Django, Flask, and web2py. Moreover, Flask and Django are more impressive than others and are widely applicable to apps like Instagram and Pinterest. One of the other features of Python is that it is an amazing scripting language.

5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning uses Python

As we have discussed above, Python is a simple and comprehensive programming language. This raises the possibility of using it for carrying out complex calculations in a simpler manner. Just import a statement after calling a function and you are done. It is because of its flexibility and speed, Python is highly used in conducting computer science research.

6. Python for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is an affordable microcomputer equivalent to the size of a credit card. Get into experimenting and learn the art of technology via this tool. Python is essential to work with Raspberry Pi, where you can involve in DIYs activities related to creating remote-controlled toys, robots, arcade machines, and cameras. If that does not satisfy your creative hunger for, make your way to Sonic Pi and create music using Python.

7. Industry-oriented language

From startups to big enterprises, Python is a widely used language. It is unique and flexible in terms of capabilities. Moreover, its conciseness makes it a complete package to be used for any industry. Due to these great features, Python is one of the leading application development platforms and present everywhere. Giant technology firms like Google, Nasa, and Disney have a significant demand for Python developers.

Python is one of the languages which is simple, flexible, and robust in terms of programming. Having a wide variety of applications in fields like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, the language is purely a bliss for developers. These are some of the great advantages of choosing Python. So, learn and earn beneficial results from Python.


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