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The LCG Trading App for Mobile



Trading has become an incredibly popular phenomenon worldwide, largely thanks to the introduction of online brokers like LCG, who have opened it up to a global audience. LCG now offer a mobile app which allows the user to trade from their mobile device, which is no doubt good news for those seeking an updated and modern way of trading. Here is some further information on the app.

Access All the Markets

The LCG app allows full access to all the markets which are commonly traded by people worldwide. Whether it be forex, indices or commodities, those using the app can be sure that their wants and needs are covered when it comes to trading the markets they want.

Available from both the App Store and Google Play, LCG’s app caters to the majority of mobile devices, and having the ability to access so many markets means that traders can keep their portfolio as diverse as they like.

Trade Anywhere

Since you can take your mobile device anywhere, you can now take your trading portfolio anywhere as well, which comes with multiple benefits. Previously, traders were often found glued to their computers for hours at a time, having to scrutinise market trends sat in front of a desk.

With the LCG mobile app, however, you can make good use of all your dead time (such as waiting for a train), by managing your investment portfolio on your mobile. You can even use your mobile to trade for a change of scenery, as being stuck in the same environment whilst trading can often prove to be uninspiring.

A Host of Tools

You would be forgiven for thinking that some of the trading tools may have to be sacrificed when using the app, but this is not the case. The app allows you to access tools for both technical and fundamental analysis, which make up some of the main trading essentials used on a daily basis by traders.

With this in mind, you can trade in confidence, knowing that no investment opportunity will be missed as a result of a lack of tools to facilitate trades. You can do as much research on market trends and financial news events as you like, and be sure that you will go into every trade with all the knowledge you need.

Any Drawbacks?

As with any app which requires access to the internet, the LCG trading app needs constant and reliable internet connection at all times to be able to successfully trade. Markets are constantly shifting, often by the second, and the issues/delays caused by a bad internet connection can seriously hamper your trading capabilities.

There is also the risk of forgetting to bring your mobile device with you, given that they are usually small and portable, so over reliance can sometimes be a bad thing.

The world of trading is constantly evolving and innovating, and its expansion into the realm of mobile devices has brought with it many benefits which have revolutionised the way people trade. The LCG trading app offers all the benefits of a modern-day trading platform along with the advantages of being able to take trading wherever you go.

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