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Best Monitoring App for Kids, Kidgy – Review



Ever wondered what your child do on their Smartphone, ever wondered with whom they chat with, Ever Wondered Whom they Call, Ever Peeped into their Messages, ever wondered What they browse online?

Well, if you have not already, then it is the right time now to think about the same, as you might already know that how much important it is to take care of our child in a world which is full of fake People, it is important to save your child from all of the obsolete things that may happen with your child. In order to keep an eye on your child, we are here to introduce an awesome app to you, we are talking about Kidgy here which is an awesome application which lets you protect your child from online predators, cyberbullying, cyber crimes and any other mishaps that may happen with your child online. is designed keeping the security in children’s in mind, the app is designed very well with taking the security in mind. Here are some of the Features that Kidgy offers:

Features of Kidgy

Here are some of the features of Kidgy which you’ll love the most while using it.

Monitoring and blocking

The main feature which you’ll love in Kidgy is the monitoring app, you can easily check what your child is using and also if you find it offensive, then you can block it in few clicks.

Track on user activity

Kidgy app will allow you to track the internet usage of your child. You can check your child’s browsing history, so you can find fishy stuffs right while they are browsing and also with the blocking feature, you can block those websites on that device. This makes Kidgy amazing.

GPS tracking system

This feature will help you to track where your child is roaming, you can easily find their accurate location with help of GPS.

Awesome things you can do with Kidgy

The app allows you to do some cool stuffs which makes it better than other monitoring app, the first feature I liked was the “Geo-fence”. You can build some boundaries in map like school, home, playground etc. so you will get notified when your child reaches or leaves that area. You can monitor and block certain apps which you don’t want to allow them to use. You can keep a track on their browsing history, also you can track their phone calls and SMS too even if they delete the log instantly.

Now for your child security, there is a panic button, which will send you the location instantly when he/she is in any emergency. You can also help your child by blocking contacts from your side to keep them away with certain people.

Final words

If you are looking for some enhanced security for your children’s internet and phone usage then Kidgy is the perfect choice as a parent. Nothing will be more helpful more than security of your children. You can reach us in comment section below, also subscribe for more stuffs. Stay Tuned.!

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