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Introduction to Trading Platforms and Forex



Online trading has taken the world by storm over the last decade, having become incredibly popular and accessible due to the advent of online brokers, and it looks as though this trend is set to continue as more and more people become interested in making a profit from trading. Trading platforms are the technology behind online trading, so here is an introduction to them and forex, one of the most popular markets to trade.

Trade Global Markets

Trading platforms have brought the ability to trade almost every global market in existence to the homes of people worldwide, and it is this sheer amount of options which entices traders of all different styles and budgets. They have, in essence, made trading much easier to access, and as a result many people now make a living from buying and selling assets like stocks and shares online.

Through user friendly interfaces and offering all the information a trader could ever want, trading platforms have been hailed as a technological innovation, and are constantly evolving and developing in order to cater for the growing interest in trading.


Open 24/5, the forex market is the largest and most liquid in the world, and is the place where currency is bought and sold as an asset in order for traders to take advantage of fluctuating exchange rates. It is incredibly volatile, and as such is suited to traders who like a fast paced, nonstop trading experience.

It is also undoubtedly one of the most popular markets in existence, and attracts traders from all over the world who trade numerous different currency pairings, which come under the categories of major, minor and exotic.

Technical and Fundamental Analysis

One of the greatest and most helpful aspects of online trading platforms is the various trading tools they offer to users, who use them on a daily basis to help make investment decisions. The fundamental analysis tools, for instance, offer information on external events which could have an impact on asset values/markets across the globe (forex is particularly prone to political events, for instance).

The tools for technical analysis usually come in the form of graphs and charts which highlight market trends and potential opportunities, although these are usually worked out by the traders using the tools.

Mobile Device

On top of the fact that there are numerous platforms to choose from, the option to trade from a mobile device has also been introduced, as most trading platforms have been adapted to be used on such devices.

This means that traders no longer have to be restricted to their desk for hours at a time, and can manage their portfolio whilst on the go or whenever they have spare time. This flexibility has enabled them to seize investment opportunities whenever they arise without losing the benefits which are offered by accessing trading platforms from a computer.

Trading platforms and forex are two of the most significant developments in recent trading history, and trading platforms have facilitated far more participation in the forex market overall. As trading evolves, so too will the platforms behind online trading, and there will no doubt be new and improved features added in the not so distant future.

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