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The possible impact of AI on online gambling

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Not too long ago the human race witnessed the arrival of a new age, an era focused extensively on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. As soon as it took birth, artificial intelligence broke through the chains of scientific laboratories (that gave birth to it), and became a commonplace term among the general population world over.

The past few years have seen artificial intelligence penetrating into various segments of the modern-day society, including the exciting world of high-end online casinos (such as Casino Epoca and others) and the gambling industry overall.

The big question that everyone’s asking today is how much of an impact would it be?

The rise of the machines!

Although people are generally not aware of it, but artificial intelligence has been around for quite some time now. For the ones who may be wondering what is AI about after all, it’s a concept that enables machines to reach a thinking level that was only the domain of humans until now. This further implies that AI would be expected to solve various practical and logical problems going into the future, primarily to ease human lives.

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However, does AI’s goal end there?! Everyone remembers the Terminator and Skynet? Although the overall plan is to help machines gain knowledge efficiently on their own, allowing them to learn, repeat, evaluate and modify their behaviour patterns, people increasingly fear if the Judgement Day shown in the movie would actually become a reality.

AI and online slot games

Ever since AI came into existence, it became very apparent that it would have a huge impact on the online gambling industry. Please don’t forget that online slots and artificial intelligence have had a close relationship for many years.

But the big difference this time is how this technology is being applied, something that’s being improved with each passing minute. The amazing power of AI was recently demonstrated when Deep Stack, a poker playing AI system got the better of top-ranked Texas Hold’em human players.

Will the luck factor become a thing of the past?

It’s a question that would start intriguing gamblers sooner or later. If you think about it seriously, you might arrive at a conclusion that artificial intelligence could potentially eliminate the luck factor from gambling. For instance, Featurespace’s machine learning system observed unusual player behaviour and successfully caught players cheating at certain types of video games!

The future

What do you think can be expected in the near future?! It’s well evident that artificial intelligence has become a prominent tool for both players as well as online casinos today. While AI used for improving the competitiveness and fairness of online casino games is more than welcome, it’s the alter ego what can potentially be a cause of concern.

To give you an example, someone using free spins at online slot games might be able to use the AI power to gain unfair edge, which can be deemed as cheating.


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